@sesivany I think they are quite similar and both share the same positive aspects
- Change for a FOSS font
- The attempt to create distance between Facebook color and fedora color
- The f doesn't have the bar across (horizontal stroke that use to cross the letter making it one more factor to contribute to those facebook logo similarities

If in the first the stoke thickness of the infinity symbol looks to big in the second the symbol and the lettering look like they are fighting for attention (

@sesivany (not part of the same element)

And I somehow would be curious to see if iterating on that f (see image) wouldn't give us well round solution but the symbol could be done in a way that it would replace the f as the initial, as a custom f letter, instead of having 2 visual elements communicating the idea of f.

All in all, and for a non fedora user, I think it's an amazing step for Fedora :) and it's amazing how well organized and open the community is!

@sesivany I couldn't stop think about it 😅 so I end up to do a very low draft on gimp, iterating from one of the previews from #fedora blog to clarify what I meant. [Missing new font]

Basically keeping on of the loop as in loop for progression and loop of always iterating and opening the upper loop to 1) Create distance between a fish silhouette 2) To emphasize the F in fedora that is different from any other f {f*c*book} 3) to symbolize open communication, ongoing conversation. @fedoracz

@sesivany @Pedro @fedoracz Interesting concept.

However, I don't like it. It's trying too hard and going against the trend of making logotype simpler so it can be used more broadly. (Examples: twitter.com/DIA_Mitch/status/1 & underconsideration.com/brandne)

…Also, it could be easily mistaken for a styled "Sedora".

@mairin @sesivany @Pedro @fedoracz
(I really like the concept #2 shapes and colors, BTW.

Also, please don't let my critique in the previous message get in the way of experimentation. 😉)

yup @mairin the direction I was heading was something like that! The ligature might feel too forced and probably I wouldn't close so much the upper arch.

I just read now your toot @garrett and yes I guess it was what I was trying to convey in my previous paragraph :p and critiques are always welcome.

Sorry if I just added noise :/ I was just trying to work a way where the "open dialogue" "communication" is still present in the logo without forcing too much the infinity
@sesivany @fedoracz

@Pedro @garrett @sesivany @fedoracz more playing with the idea - what do you think? the ligature is probably too much. i think my favorite is the upper right. the f element can be used as a standalone symbol if needed.

@Pedro @sesivany @fedoracz The ones on the right look less like an F and more like a D to me. (It's probably even more problematic for people who don't know Fedora.)

@mairin @garrett @sesivany @fedoracz I like where this is heading :) (some of my comments are still valid from my previous toot but I really happy to see this!)

@mairin @garrett @Pedro @sesivany @fedoracz Typographically, I suspect the f/d ambiguity comes from the crossbar being short -- most people write 'd' starting at the top of the bowl, so an open connection there, near to the vertical stem, can still read like 'd'. Have you tried making the crossbar extend further to the left? There might be room to play there, anyway...

I agree @mairin the upper right looks promising, perhaps with a less pronounced tail or with a taller stem as in the lower right. Which will likely avoid the confusion with letter d as @garrett pointed out

@sesivany @fedoracz

I like the direction of having just one visual element (mark with lettering) as I think it makes it less complex and easy to scan. Nevertheless and for this purpose I need to shove my personal opinion down the tube and say that maybe having it as 2 elements not only make sit more recognizable to fedora users but also doesn't deviate "unnecessarily" to much from what the community grew to like (the infinity symbol), [my perception from the blog comments] @mairin @garrett @sesivany @fedoracz

@mairin @garrett @sesivany @Pedro @fedoracz Thinking more on why I like it (beyond visually) is that it does symbolize that (even via the implied speech bubbles) that something greater/bigger can come from communicative acts.

Also, "infinity is bigger than you think" youtu.be/elvOZm0d4H0

@mairin I really like one of your iterations (form the blog comment section) and I though we could emphasize the infinity concept without hiding f, please see my suggestion

@K_REY_C @garrett @sesivany @fedoracz

@mairin @sesivany @fedoracz Thank you, I was not expecting anyone to answer and in such fast manner :)

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