My grandmother is locked in quarantine in a nursing home and it's unlikely she will get to see her great grandchildren any time soon, so I was wondering what's the easier way to send her pictures of them. She has no PC, no smart phone...
And then I realised there were those custom postcard services. You upload a picture, add a message, address, they print it and send it. Post now offers that for just 15 CZK ($0.6), ideal! 👌

This would effectively mean the end of Qt as an open source framework.
Time for a fork? The development would certainly be slower, but the community would be ultimately in control.

After years of using I also subscribed to Go. Now I see how good Netflix has been all that time: video quality, reliability of streaming, apps, availability on various smart TVs....

1-on-1 conversations with #Nextcloud Talk are E2E encrypted. With the HPB, larger calls go over your own infra. In no case can anyone listen in!

So take back control over your communication. Host your own #Zoom #Skype #MSTeams!

What high demand and low supply from China can do with the price: I bought C920 webcam for 1557 CZK two weeks ago, now the same shop has it for 4472 CZK. Webcams are the new . 😄

Seeing people with iPhones struggle to unlock their phones wearing a mask I think it was not the smartest decision to rely on just one easy-to-use authentication method.

Obligatory selfie with obligatory masks 😄
It was a interesting development here: my wife took one two days ago and some people laughed at her on the street. Yesterday 80% of people wore it. And from today it's obligatory.

People like to complain about our health care system, but we're currently the country with the highest number of confirmed infected cases among those without a single death. Kudos to our doctors and nurses and let's hope we will hold that as long as possible. 🤞 ✌️

Not that anyone would care these days, but my article on @gnome 3.36 was published on today:

So the big adventure starts: working from home with two small kids. 🤯

Ventilators are not complicated. Lots of expired patents on “good enough” approaches. Seeing how #Italy is sending old people home because of lack of ventilators - people in #open, we need to organise NOW.

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@ondra well, if it reaches the high-risk groups, it's always bad. E.g. in Washington US they have 23 deaths, almost 8% mortality because it hit a community of erderly people pretty quickly. And the state was not reaching maximum capacity of its intensive care to cover that.

There are pretty big differences in mortality between countries. It seems that if the country keeps it contained among younger ppl who get it first (traveling, business), mortality is really low. If it gets so widespread that it reaches the high-risk groups, it gets really bad.
E.g. over 1000 confirmed cases in Nordic countries and zero deaths so far vs Huwan - 6%, Italy - 6,3% mortality.

So based on your recommendations I purchased C920 as a webcam. And I can confirm it works great with . FullHD video is more than enough for conference calls and microphone is a big improvement over the one built in my laptop. 👌

Martin Stránský of @redhat desktop team has been doing a really great job in @firefox hardware acceleration lately. 👏

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