#Btrfs se velmi pravděpodobně stane výchozím souborovým systémem ve #Fedora Workstation. Přečtěte si, co nového přinese a jak můžete pomoct s testováním.

Just finished my first one-day (36h in fact) fasting. It went surprisingly well and the feeling after it is great. 👌

One of the perks of working from home is that you have aids keen on helping you even though you don't want them to. 😅

In 2019, LibreOffice's Design community @liboDesign worked on the NotebookBar user interface, along with menus, icons, the sidebar, a "Tip of the dialog" box dialog and much more. Discover all in our Annual Report: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

The whole Internet applauds to for switching to . Yes, has done quite a few bummers lately, but has been a very open platform. I can take most 10-year-old laptops and install current /Win on it. This new trend will bring a lot more planned obsolescence. Not good for users, especially Linux ones.

Přijde vám, že #Firefox při přehrávání videa příliš vytěžuje CPU? Nyní už nemusí. Firefox 77 pro Fedoru díky Martinu Stránskému přináší hardwarovou akceleraci přehrávání videa. Podívejte se, jak na to 👇

Great news today 🎉

Collabora Online is the default office and collaboration app in @Nextclouders@twitter.com 19 Hub – released today!
With an easy single click-installation. Wonderful for home users and fans of LibreOffice online 🌞

Read more collaboraoffice.com/press-rele

#homeoffice #privacy

6.5 hours of video calls today. I think I've reached my limit. 🤯

Digitalizace po česku: banka potřebuje určení pozemku pro jeho ocenění. Místo toho, aby se podívali do online územního plánu, chtějí, abych šel s papírem na stavební úřad pro razítko. Papír s razítkem potom naskenuju a odešlu jim emailem. Že se mi to jenom zdá? 🤦‍♂️

My mom's laptop is ThinkPad T400s from 2009 and 32 Workstation runs fast and smooth on it (inc. @gnome Shell effects). On a laptop from 2009!

Pro tip: don't let your kid play with the power cable while you're performing a system upgrade on a laptop with a dead battery. At least it's an opportunity to install on my mom's laptop which will require even less maintenance from me.

I have to say that got really close to my ideal of an elegant men's watch.

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