The original Mafia was one of my most favourite games. If this runs on Proton, take my money!

I hate debugging wifi issues. Is it in the firmware, driver, NetworkManager, router, network settings on the server, network settings on the client, their combination...?
It is really a rabbit hole. 🤯

Can we have this as the default wallpaper in , too, please? 🙏 It looks gorgeous. An excellent job, @jimmac!

I thought "Don't let kids play inside the dryer" was one of those overly protective warnings that cover all unlikely scenarios.
It turned out it was not.

I wonder how people work with calendars nowadays. Using just a web app, or a desktop app (too), or web with some desktop integration (tray icon, system calendar view..., but not standard browser stuff like notifications)?
Thanks for boosts.

Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller natočil unboxing prvního notebooku od Lenova s Fedorou:

I also don't understand why screen tests are not accessible without logging into the user account. You have to either factory-reset or give up your privacy to allow the technician to run simple tests after replacing the screen.

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No wonder fixing broken glass on Galaxy S10 costs $350. They replace half of the phone.

Máte-li Fedoru 32, můžete si nyní vyzkoušet PipeWire jako náhradu za PulseAudio:

This feels satisfying after all the work. sells laptops with on their website. \o/
And as a bonus Fedora contributors get a sizable discount!

Alexander Larsson, a software engineer with over 20 years of experience developing platform technologies such as Flatpak, will be speaking at the Linux Plumbers Conference. Check out his talk on Aug 28, 14:00 UTC, and learn about how Flatpak implements sandboxing.

A new season ticket arrived. This year it's more an expression of support than anything else.

Přečtěte si článek od Vojty Trefného o tom, jak provozovat Fedoru na jednodeskovém počítači Pine A64:

#WhereIsMySurprisedFace leads by far in being an “excellent” or “above average” #opensource citizen. The real@kicker is that last year we weren’t even included in the survey.

My 11-month-old daughter smashed my S10 to the floor and broke the glass. 🙈
Any recommendations and tips for a smartphone repair service in
🇨🇿? (I never broke my phone before.)

From announcement today:
We would like to apologize to all our iOS users for launching this feature on Android only. Apple has failed to review this update in time, even though we submitted it to the App Store several days before sending it to Google Play.

If you're on iOS and would like to try Telegram Video Calls, you'll have to wait until Apple lets you – or switch to a platform that has more respect for its users and developers, like Android.

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