Josef hledá digitální mikroskop, který funguje dobře s #Linux. Poradíte mu? 🔬 + 🐧

Dnes končí podpora #Windows 7! Nabídněte svým blízkým vhodnou alternativu, třeba právě Fedoru. 😎

OK everybody, we have just 2 days to raise $17k. We have no marketing or campaigns staff @conservancy so we count on you to spread the word. Please help!!

What always puzzles me when I have to work with is the freeware culture. I had to try 4 apps from the store to finally extract a rar file.
On I just install unrar package and then use the default archive manager. No ads, no user data collection, no "the file is too large for free version".

phones are short-lived? This phone is almost 7 years old and still useful and with an up-to-date OS (Dec 5 2019 level of security) and apps. Thanks to @e_mydata 👌

So I was waiting at a tram stop, putting Galaxy Buds in my ears and suddenly dropped one. Hop, hop, hop and it landed right on the rail and right before a tram arrived. And $150 just disappeared in front of my eyes.
And doesn't sell replacement buds, so I'd have to buy the whole thing again. So much for .

Wow, Greece is probably the only country in Europe where is more popular than . Kudos to numerous Greek
ambassadors who contributed a bit to that, too. 👏

I stopped using in 2009, but the account stayed alive as I confirmed once in a few years when I was checking the ghost town. And now the UIN 98735548's gone. The 1990s part of me just died.

While visiting my mom I grabbed her laptop to upgrade the OS to @Fedora 31 just to find out, to my big surprise, she already did it by herself. And this is when we're reaching the "damn simple and reliable" mark, my friends. ✌

The last stronghold in our family conquered. After so many update breakages my wife gave up and asked me to install on her laptop. Done with pleasure. 😀

Westfalenstadion - sadly the last Champions League game this season.

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