Zakladatel Free Software Foudation Richard Stallman 6.6. od 17:30 do 20:00 vystoupi v Brne v kine Scala se svoji prednaskou Free Software Movement and GNU/Linux Operating System. Nenechte si ujit tuto jedinecnou moznost. Vice informaci na

😀📱 It's here! First /e/ app store (beta) app in /e/OS! Update now and look for your preferred applications. Will improve over time!
It's important to contribute to support the continued development of /e/OS and shape a more ethical IT world. Act now!

This is one of the reasons why I avoid . Every software can have security vulnerabilities, but WhatsApp's record of security issues is terrible for a service of such an importance and with such engineering resources.

Several days ago I tooted that Desktop reached 400k installations on . And today the Telegram developer got an access to its repo and made it official. Great job, Jan Grulich, getting it this far 👍

Another reason comparing iOS updates to Android updates is outdated. Frankly, iOS is behind the times here when Android users get core apps, browser engine updates, security components, and more automatically over-the-air, regardless of OS version.

When I suggested Jan Grulich adds Desktop to because it's a good 3rd party Qt app to test portals on, I had no idea it'd have 400k installations and become the 3rd most popular app. 😲

Does anyone know software/service that does race tracking with mobile-friendly check points (e.g. scanning QR/bar codes)?

Maintain a package, app bundle, container image? Wanna be notified of new releases of components you use in it? Here is how you can easily do it:

I came to the office after a day off and something has changed... 🤔

#Fedora 30 je venku!
O tom, kde ji stáhnout a jak upgradovat, se dozvíte více v našem článku. 👇

So I also jumped on the train and purchased truly wireless headphones: @Samsung Galaxy Buds.
I've been pretty impressed so far, more on my blog soon.

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