Wanna get notified about new upstream releases, e.g. for bundled modules in ? Set it up in apps.fedoraproject.org/notific or write your own service that checks release-monitoring.org/.

Linux gaming fans! Do be sure to let your friends know we're on here so they can follow us ✌🐧

@rhuniverse Welcome to ! I hope you'll post your super informative messages here just like you've been doing on G+.

Finally. After a year I've got a proper place to work from home again \o/

Y'all were missing out if you didn't have a transparent desktop cube back in 2006.

Thank you, everyone, for your comments about clients for . I picked , mainly due to the feel and snappiness of the UI. It also looks similar to client which I like. I hope it will have the control panel at the bottom just like client one day.

Choosing a client for : or ? They look similar, but Tusky seems to have a more polished UI. What do you use?

Jak už jsme avizovali, končíme s Google+, ale i nadále nás můžete sledovat na #Facebook, #Twitter a nově na #Mastodon: mojefedora.cz/koncime-s-google

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On , I've got 1/10 of followers that I have on . But I've been here for a month, on Twitter I've been accumulating them for 8 years. Mastodon really got some traction after the G+ announcement. 👍

Zdravíme Mastodon! Na tomto účtu můžete sledovat novinky ze světa linuxové distribuce #Fedora v češtině.

There seems to be a new wave of people coming to after announced the end of G+. Good, good.

I used free time at to package by CZ NIC for . It's a quite useful app for Czech users (to communicate with government agencies). Now let's move it to !

@csoriano and Felipe Borges checking out a PC with @fedora Workstation in a public deployment in @ntkcz (120 PCs, over 1000 users). Some very interesting things learned there.

I, @csoriano, and Felipe Borges are doing a "Build your first " workshop at in on Sunday. If you'd like to learn to make flatpaks, join us: linuxdays.cz/2018/en/workshops

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