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If you can see this, you should go check out and help us make it a reality!

If you can't see this, a comic is probably not going to be terribly interesting. πŸ˜•

If you can see this, you should go check out and help us make it a reality!

If you can't see this, a comic is probably not going to be terribly interesting. πŸ˜•

i am struggling to understand why someone would take cash from another person's wallet, let alone one with a pension concession card in it. At least they dumped my wallet somewhere it was found and i have my ID, wallet and photo of my step dad back. Still need donations to replace the money and the TSS card i had to cancel. is the link, please share &/or donate as you are able. #youcaring #needinghelp #disabled #queer #pensioner

I mean, they're happening at the pace of the VA, which is not fast at all, but they're still _happening_, which is the important bit.

Especially since I managed to get a counseling appointment set up for the 28th of this month. Been on antidepressants for years, now, so that's about time.

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Been a while since I posted, here. Got really busy with a job change, and it's been pretty great. Relationship ended, which wasn't great at all, but wasn't traumatic, either. Just normal heartbreak and loneliness, there. So not all bad.

Went in for a regular check-up with VA medical a few weeks later, and managed the courage to ask about transition stuff. That was a few weeks ago.

Endocrinology finally called today. First appointment 05 Mar. Things are actually happening...

LB: Latest in an ongoing Mastodon serial I've been writing from the point of view of a character I created in the Star Trek universe. It ends with a bit of a cliffhanger, at the moment, and I'm planning to let it stand as is for at least a few days. It's mostly in a single thread, or at least the current arc of the story is. Have a read, if that's your thing!


Over that time, I rose to the rank of Senior Chief, the Sim/Test Division became the Holotechnologies Department (alongside, but no longer part of, Engineering), and I was transferred to SFHQ to manage all of Starfleet's various EMPHA programs. It was a very interesting time for me, and life was going pretty well. I was even deciding whether I would retire or accept a Warrant Officer commission.

Then disaster struck.

Old people on the day of death, rejuvenate into their teenage body for 24 hours before expiring.
#writingprompts #writing

#introduction account for my #blog, will announce new posts and follow writing related stuff from here. Blog is at and my patreon is my personal account is @desikitteh #introductions

Boosted to (help) find out!

For those not able to follow WTF we're on about: - the Star Trek themed Mastodon instance by @staticsafe - is interested in a logo/favicon! If you're interested in crafting a Star Trek themed logo for this Star Trek themed instance, please reach out via your nearest communicator!

Or just reply here. That would probably work, too. πŸ––πŸ»

translating French drama:

@corzntin, owner of, got into some serious trouble as a child porn distributor apparently used his Tor exit node and cops are clueless and used seriously disgusting intimidation methods.

Some of the shitty french FOSS community are now saying bad things about him, as he's on the other side of the "witches/librists" nonsense.

If you don't support an exit node operator because his owner blocks instances on Mastodon, you're a fucking tub of shit.

Okay Mastodon, I need your help.

I'm looking for a handheld keyboard that is reliably available as cheaply as possible, uses USB, and will work with Linux.

I've found two contenders. The cheapest option:

The most cybre:

Anyone have any other suggestions/better sources?

Here's a poll about a #Mastodon feature that I think could be cool. I would love to get lots of numbers. :)

Is someone have tested the magma email server? It's lavabit email server (the one used by snowden)

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