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"In the Shinto universe, every inanimate thing, every piece of dust, every vegetable is believed to have a spirit."

In Shimoda Japan, a stump stool smiled at us as we walked past.

@luka i love your travel log photos!!! very inspiring

@solene your article about nixos and openbsd is opening an interesting conversation. i havent taken the nixos plunge but i have installed nixpkg in some of my linux installs.

the concepts of nix are elegant, the packaging syntax is very obtuse.

what called you to openbsd rather than freebsd?

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Hi all 👋🏽 #introductions

I'm an SRE, Musician, Artist.

I've recently started learning and exploring creative ways of using tech/coding via creative coding (P5.js), writing music in Python, and just recently discovered algorithmic live coding, which looks incredibly fun! :think_starry_eyes:

If anyone has any tips for getting started with algorithmic live coding via Hydra or other tools, feel free to send me a DM with resources and/or tips!

I also love video games, hiking with my pup, movies & shows (horror, animation/anime, sci-fi, fantasy, etc), and playing bass/piano.

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Check out the new #streaming service #Resonate! It is a co-op owned by the artists and listeners – no VC money! It is still young and does not have #Spotify's massive catalog … but I love it!

I strongly encourage you to check out their About page to get a compact explanation of how it works:

Oh, and everything is #OpenSource and they have spent a lot of effort fostering a constructive community – it is a #coop after all.

What are you waiting for, sign up today (€10)!

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I've found some #africancontent recently and wanted to write about it.

I listen to #AfroQueer I like its theme tune, but only listening latest episode I took the effort to find full song on YouTube.

It's Pawa by Maia & The Big Sky
More music and info on website

Neither Maia Lekow or her father Sal Davis have Wikipedia page, but googling led me to which claims to be #1 independent media in Africa. It's owned by Kenyan Nation Media Group, which is largest media house in East or Central Africa. Reading about its founder Aga Khan IV lead me to interesting Wikipedia adventure.

I also heard about film "Space Is the Place" in latest Kermode & Mayo Film Review podcast. It's is considered as a classic #afrofuturism film. I found it from YouTube, but I won't add a link since I don't know if it's put there without permission.

Reading more about afrofuturism I found about #africanfuturism There is a freely downloadable anthology I'm going to read available.

The publisher of that anthology, Brittle Paper, is an online literary magazine for readers of African Literature.

These seem like good starting points for widening your worldview.

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@ritualdust Got the sewer level to draw! It's the first time I implement the nametable stuff in uxn.

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We'll be there. #platformcoops


Forging the Cooperative Digital Economy. 🔥

November 12-18, 2021 Berlin + Online

"We will discuss the possibility of cooperative governance in the digital world, data trusts, and feminist tech infrastructures."

Learn more:


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vous vous souvenez le confinement, le moment ou l'on ne pouvait sortir qu'a qq km de chez soit ?
un mec a lancé un défi : "Long Tiny Loop"
le but : faire le plus de km dans une surface la plus limitée possible sans passer 2 fois au meme endroit
Le classement :
Les régles :
le record :

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The Acid Voice TSX303 is an extremely rare (discontinued) distortion / overdrive pedal designed specifically for use with acid bassline synths.

I bought one with the goal of opening and #ReverseEngineering it – this is what I found inside ...

sooo now what? 🤣😭🤔

@paul do you have a norns shield or fates? how do you like the platform?

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