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We had a mouse burial tonight, for our beloved pet “Test-tube” born 2021. 🐁 ☠️.

Sorry but I can’t afford to keep tooting for free and may have to start taking cash for product placement. Very conflicted about the idea tho. Guess I’ll decide after this delicious SubwayTM sanwich. Mmmm. The sanwich artists at SubwayTM make best sanwiches.

Ummm… ok I googled “Coolio” (RIP) and this was the clearly drunk suggested search from google… “How old is Coolio net worth?” Better call a bondulance.

Google “suggested search” is always such a scathing indictment on the lowest common denominator. You look up *anyone* and it suggests to ask about net worth. Or you look up a serial killer and it suggests “is Infamous Murder Man married or single?” — humans! Yuck!

Today is and I’d like to shout out about Jessitron who is very wise regarding system behavior. @jessitron

Australian politics 

While disgraced former president Trump is a classic “overt narcissist” disgraced former prime minister Scott Morrison is a classic Machiavellian. Know your

A crucial part of parenting is being a kind, considerate and respectful listener, even tho kids are waffling idiots.

@secretgeek BTW if you want to do a one-off session, running an Hour of Code is a great idea. Website has lots and there are heaps of projects.

All you need to do nissan find a school that is willing and, in my experience, they are very keen.

If you offer to run it around mid Dec or near end of term, even better

(Nearby mathematicians discussing Fourier transforms)
*Me, trying to join in* I prefer Fivier transforms

Australian politics / terrorism 

This is pretty full on. Politically motivated firebombing… hope NSW police hand it straight over to Federal police. If not, the implication is clear.

I did some more work on #DOStodon, the #Mastodon client for #MSDOS.

I added a splash screen, a busy indicator for network access, you can scroll the entries now, there is a profile viewer and you can like and boost.
Image attachments are now displayed, too.

"Please," said the man, "can you do magic to make me be kind?"
"No," said the witch. "Magic cannot change anyone's nature."
"So there is no hope for me?"
"You ask the wrong question. Kind is not something you are. It is what you do."
"Is it that simple?"
"It is that hard."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

On my home planet the days are 37 hours long. (And the weekends are contiguous)

Thanksgiving (and Christmas) is not easy on #bipolar persons and those with #depression .

We don't do well in crowds. The noise and energy overstimulates us and can trigger either hypomania or depression. That it's with people we know doesn't help at all.

If we are already depressed, having to visit and interact with people is torture. If we're hypomanic, we may precipitate the big argument.

Here are some tips on what to look out for and what you can do about it.

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