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At the Dutch Internet Society presenting autocompletions & advertisements without tracking.

We presented Searsia at the 16th Annual Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

It would have been Dizzy Gillespie's 100th birthday! Celebrated by Dr. Sheet Music.

We just supported OpenScore: OpenScore will digitize and liberate all public domain sheet music, including the classics of Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. The community aims to transfer history’s most influential pieces from paper into interactive scores which you can listen to, edit and share. Scores are released under Creative Commons Zero, allowing unlimited copying, adapting and sharing.

Almost there!

Some thoughts on search advertising: "Real-Time Bidding" is just a fancy way of saying "ad search"...

Search engines do not need to track their users to give good query suggestions:

Ok, we just had to be on Mastodon!