I love that

the phrase "X is a low interest rate phenomenon"

is basically performatively the same as

"X is a sign of the late stages of Capitalism".

Some lite Japanese practice reading a news article meant for grade school children has lead to several hours of intensive research on classical japanese adjectives after being shocked by the grammar of a simple sentence.

The class seems great. But actually is horrible. There is a sudden massive failure condition where if your protective spells fail, you are attacked by your own undead familiars who truly hate you. They won't act irrationally against their interests to help you.

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For example, they get a familiar who is an undead spirit (similar to maybe a Druid). The undead spirit (controled by the DM) would prefer to kill them but can't because of a protective spell ritual talisman they cast. They either punish the spirit with pain to get it to do their bidding or get a spirit who also desires revenge against their enemies. The necromancers spell list actually mostly protective and support spells, just used for horrible purposes.

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I want to make a custom DnD class based on (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kodoku)(en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inugami). The basic premise is that it's a necromancer who can summon the dead (who can't. So.Easy.), but has trouble controlling the dead (with whom they bargin) and must result to protective talismans to coerce the dead to do their bidding. Their undead hate them and want to kill them and seak to escape their control. A support class like bard that works more like a wizard in that they prepare spells.

Thinking of getting a new friend. Maybe one of those moss balls.

I've spent so much time trying to get MathJax and this Jekyll build system to align my math text to the left. I can't. I'm exhausted.

It's amazing how ChatGPT takes care to warn users about dangerous activities.

Relationship goals are just someone to roast a small satsuma orange for me when I'm feeling under.

Emotional contagion needs to be managed.I don't want to discourage people from talking to friends about their problems, but we need to discourage people from venting emotion in public spaces near other people. Every day I've been at a cafe and had to sit next to very emotionally charged conversation.

An emoji for when I raise my hands in the air and shrug to indicate I didn't have anything to do with something. Similar to 🤷‍♂️ but less "idk" and more "not my problem"

New season of the crown. I live for tense moments of silence over tea as the queen wistfully considers decapitating the prime minister.

I think people show intentionally steer their interests and hobbies toward stuff that isn't commodifiable. Stuff that can't be wrecked by consumerism.

Just read a comment about Japanese/German suggesting that since the verb is at the end of the sentence, interrupting people is impossible. That is why they have civil conversations.

Interview Question: Tell me a story about something with unicode that ticked you off once.

Tired: — em dash
Wired:   The space character from ogham, an ancient Irish writing system.

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