I'm posting every day in November for (National Blog Posting Month). It's olden days blogging in 2018. elanmorgan.com/blog/gratitude-

Siri just confused me with Tom Hanks and tried texting weird apocalyptic descriptions from Inferno to @palinode. This is our perfectly normal future.

"This article will show how this hijacking works, and how China employs its… distributed points of presence (PoPs) in western democracies’ [telecom] systems to redirect internet traffic through China for malicious use. It will show… routing paths, give a summary of how one hijacks parts of the internet by inserting these nodes, and outline the major security implications."

I can't read this. The world's too much. scholarcommons.usf.edu/cgi/vie

I'm armed with coffee and sitting in an upright position. I'm thinking about clippers and a haircut, a puzzling bit of site code I need to hammer out, and maybe writing for tonight's Regina Word Up slam. I'm not waking up into a debilitating sadness! I'm making headway!

I got a new electric floor sweeper, and my dumbest cat wouldn't come out of hiding until I pet it like it was a new cat I'd brought home. Now he's licking it.

‪"I'm a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will."‬
‪—Antonio Gramsci, 19 December 1929‬

Today, I'm hiding out from need and Twitter and Facebook, so you get me.

Someone who was a client — I helped her set up a blog to document her experience with breast cancer — and then became a friend mostly over social media has just gotten news of two brain tumours. I swear cancer takes the best of us. I'm devastated and trying not to weep through my partner's book launch.

I need a breakfast chef. Or I need to train my cats to make eggs.

@KatsudonJones That's what happened right before this cold I'm just finishing up. Best of luck.

A first snowy morning on a Monday calls for snuggles and coffee in bed with Onion.

I woke up to see the blue early morning glow of first snow outside. I'm working on a sense of excited wonder, but mostly i just want to hide under my quilts in bed.

Here's a shot I took with my new to send to a journalist who interviewed me. It's the first photo I've taken with it. When she asked for a headshot, I realized that I only had goofy selfies on hand. Remedied.

I keep forgetting about here, but I like here. Must fix somehow.

I referred to myself in general as a "mutineer" in a dream last night. Dream me is so fucking cool.

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