My second piece is something I wrote for @palinode for Valentine's Day, but I was too nervous about it and so sat on it until today. He likes it :)

What the heart forgets, the spirit will return.

Ignore the cat hair-covered socks, because look what arrived in the morning mail today: a pair of new-to-me Pour La Victoire uber-sparkly shoes via ThredUp.

I love a good deal on gorgeous shoes, and getting $214USD Pour La Victoire shoes worn what appears to be once inside maybe for $23.10 makes me very happy first thing on Monday.

Also, yes, I modelled these shoes against my bedroom wall because they were delivered to me in bed. I'm living well.

β€ͺ"I'm a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will."‬
β€ͺβ€”Antonio Gramsci, 19 December 1929‬

A first snowy morning on a Monday calls for snuggles and coffee in bed with Onion.

Here's a shot I took with my new to send to a journalist who interviewed me. It's the first photo I've taken with it. When she asked for a headshot, I realized that I only had goofy selfies on hand. Remedied.

I took this a couple of days ago. I have no comments to add because it makes me laugh too much. I just love it. (I'm a bit biased, though, after over 18 years with this person.)

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