I'm trying out CBD oil for inflammation issues. I'm sceptical but will to do it for a month.

@schmutzie Oh. Curious about the outcome so please do report back. I've been thinking of trying it too, for depression. It's touted as the cure all and I'm fond of plants and experiments so... why not?

@schmutzie I started trying it for autoimmune inflammation issues a few weeks ago. Not convinced it’s helping me with that yet (thought I understand it takes a while to build up to doses that have a real impact) but I think more noticeably with anxiety.

@deirdrespencer What I found has worked better for inflammation is taking a turmeric curcumin capsule three times a day while adding black pepper to my food. It's changed my life pain-wise.

@schmutzie Interesting! My doctor recommended turmeric. I should give that another try.

@deirdrespencer I didn't notice much of a change until about 6 weeks in when I realized my hands didn't hurt as much anymore and my migraines were far less frequent. Black pepper is what activates it, though, so I had to make a habit of using it with my food.

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