I guess I should do one of those .

I'm a writer and poet. My blog is 15 years old. I'm a web designer and copyediter. I did a TEDx talk about the power of personal narrative. I've run a gratitude group for 8 years. I have 4 cats, but I only like them 2 at a time, because cats are terrible. I'll never forget that I rubbed a semi-famous person's belly instead of shaking their hand. I apparently love dying of embarrassment forever.

@schmutzie Gratitude group? I'd love to hear more about that, if you feel like saying anything more.


@skiring Sure! I started it nearly 9 years ago as a separate social network hosted on Ning, but it's since moved to Facebook: facebook.com/groups/GraceInSma. You're welcome to check it out.

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