I spent a few months in self-inflicted Mastodon exile after making the mistake of enabling MFA with no backup device shortly before my Nexus 5X succumbed to the bootloop of death. Not sure why, but for some reason my mastodon.cloud account got disassociated with that device, and I'm back in! Is anyone else on this instance experiencing some weird MFA behavior?

I do an arts podcast called The Enclosed Instruction Book; this week I had my friend Jimmy Romero on, and we talked about the different audio tools we've used through the years, and how they affect the art we make. Check it out on your podcast aggregator of choice, or at theenclosedinstructionbook.lib .

This week on The Enclosed Instruction Book, I spoke to Rebecca Wahls, a director and all-around theater professional in the DC area, who is currently putting on the debut production of the Who What Where theater company, of which she is a co-founder. We talked DC theater, running a theater company, and professional communities post-graduation. Get the episode below, on our RSS feed, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, TuneIn, and Podbean.


I do an arts podcast called The Enclosed Instruction Book, and recently I spoke to Jason Thompson, a talented double bass player currently with the Colorado Springs Philharmonic; we talked about technique, practice, and careers. Check the episode out at the link below, our RSS feed, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and TuneIn!

theenclosedinstructionbook.lib mastodon.cloud/media/CYcf-n_uN

sometimes, hell OFTEN, the only way i can get things done is badly

sometimes i do a shit job of something just so that i get anything done at all


do it up

make something that kinda sucks

I do a podcast called The Enclosed Instruction Book - this week we spoke to Melanie Shark, a singer-songwriter who works in DC as both a solo artist and as a member of the pop duo Paradeux. We had an awesome conversation about recording, self-publishing, and composing. You can check it out at our (newly refreshed) page, Apple Podcast, and now, Google Play and TuneIn! theenclosedinstructionbook.lib

The Beatles 1962 Decca audition tapes. This is before they found the "Beatles" sound, and were really just a 50s style rock and roll band.


@scarymercedes Okay, so re-listening to these recordings for the first time in five years I'm struck by a few things.

1) this is way closer to the 50s than anything else the Beatles did. It's nothing like "The Beatles", and way more like Bill Haley.

2) this sounds a lot like their BBC sessions, which I listen to pretty regularly specifically for the reasons mentioned above.

3) George Martin was an amazing producer, and their later work really demonstrates that.

I also make music sometimes! This is a bunch of instrumental remixes of some older songs I made with my friends. I think they came out sounding a little better.


I do a music podcast called The Enclosed Instruction Book - last week I met northern Virginia singer-songwriter and producer Kevin Knight, and we talked studio magic, influences, trucks, and dogs. theenclosedinstructionbook.lib

Cryptocurrency is a perverse idea because it's technology designed to perpetuate and grow the fantasy of scarcity, counter to the purpose of almost every other technology

Also, I am part of a musical project. Here's some decaying music we made last year. scarymercedes.bandcamp.com/alb

I do a music podcast! Some time ago I trekked down to Richmond to catch up with old friends Devon (Comaboo) and Brett (American Gothic) about their ongoing projects.

My music podcast is also morphing into an all-around arts podcast! Last month I got to speak to Leesburg-area painter and King Street Coffee featured artist Alison Kurtz about her art, and the state of the arts community in Loudoun County. theenclosedinstructionbook.lib

I do a music podcast! A few months ago I spoke to Jared Hall of Woodgrove, a musician in Round Hill, VA, about his music and art. theenclosedinstructionbook.lib

One thing that helps with writing is to realize that your first draft is basically just your outline in prose form. It's not /supposed/ to be good.

Basically a first draft is telling the story to yourself. Then you mold it into something other people can read. To me, it kind of feels like sculpting with clay. But you've gotta put that clay on the table first.


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