So you may have noticed that the Twitter login of is not working at the moment.

According to twitter, the app “has violated Twitter Rules and policies”. I can’t tell much more at the moment since the email they mention never arrived in my inbox.

@ivory found a little glitch when opening and closing the compose window. I’m also wondering, if this badge is from twitter isn’t it? Take your time, i know it’s still an early version, but I’m happy you released Ivory that fast. Thank you for your hard work ❤️

The release of @ivory is the second best thing of today. The best thing is still my anniversary with my cute butt.

I've had a number of people suggest we ship Tweetbot with the ability to enter in your own API keys. Sure, technically I don't think anything would prevent us from doing it. But it'd likely start a cat and mouse game which ends with them killing certain APIs, complaining to Apple or legal crap.

No thanks. I have a lot of memories of Twitter, more good than bad. That all ended mid November. 🫡

The thing that calls itself Twitter now, does not bring me joy.

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