Recently on my gaming list is Guild Wars 2: The MMO That I Keep Going Back To. There's something awesome about an MMO I bought several years ago still running and not having a monthly subscription fee.

I haven't bought either expansion yet, but I will soon. It isn't a perfect MMO, but it's one I can play for a few weeks and forget about.

@samurailink3 I found you. I may need to reinstall Guild Wars 2. I hear they added raptor mounts? Also Elder Scrolls Online is another mmo worth trying, no subscription fee and it has improved so much since launch.

@MattDementous YOU'RE HERE! I might need to try ESO. I didn't hear great things about it when it launched forever ago, but if you want to play, let me know. I'm just now getting into Overwatch as well, so much fun.

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