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From what I can tell, I am supposed to post an introduction, per toot etiquette protocols.

So, with appropriate hashtags, (I hope), I am an who upon occasion and shares it with the world. Or at least the small audience that has somehow found me in the midst of the noise.

I publish a article every other week about life, and . Articles and toots may continue germs of humor within.

Now to figure out how to pin this tooter thingy on my profile. 😎

Eventually to small boy, growing boy,
Teenager and young man sized clothing.

My husband's and my clothing changing some with fashions
But mainly in colors and patterns as we also grew older.
With new towels and sheets occasionally flitting by.
The memories flow through my mind, all the years
Of folding laundry and putting it away.

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Hanging diapers on a clothes line while my son toddled around
Our yard, following our dog while she looked for a place in the sun
A breeze flowing through the diapers, the hint of ocean salt
Carried from miles away.

Eventually using a dryer because there was no time to pin clothes
Wait for them to dry and bring them in.
The washers and dryers changed through the years
The clothes and other things did too.
Small baby clothing changing to toddler size

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Cramming as much as I could into a washer, putting in the
Three quarters for a wash. Perhaps six quarters if I absolutely had to
Split clothes into two loads instead of one smashed together load
Spreading the clothes out to several dryers because they were free.

Other memories, the joy of doing laundry at home when
My husband and I bought our first washing machine

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The rags, old diapers that are now used to polish silver
As the memory unfolds, I try folding one
Like a diaper as I did so many years ago
All I need are large safety pins
And a small one who needs a diaper
With rubber pants to keep the wet inside.
I fold it back into a square and put it back with the rags.

Going back further, to college, Sunday mornings
I'd take my laundry to the laundry room in the dorm.

RT @kaepora
PSA: By migrating Google Maps from to, Google has made it such that granting Location Access in your browser to Google Maps will now grant that same permission to all other Google services.

I also pray that You remind me
To help with food, shelter, love and support
For those who don't have enough for their needs.
To listen to those who have not been heard
And help others to hear their voices.

To help create a community that is
Safe and secure for everyone
No matter their race, religion, gender and
Who they love.
Remind me to help make the world a better place
And to lift up everyone,
Not just those blessed by circumstances
Of birth and place in the world.


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I am enjoying the holiday week with my family so my normal blog post will be delayed a few days. Instead, here is my prayer for this day.

Thanksgiving Prayer

To a higher power, a divine being of love and light
On this day of thanks, I thank You for the good in my life
The roof over my head, the food on my table,
Time with my loved ones, my health,
Freedom from fear and my safety
In these troubling times.

long post on accessibility advice from a blind screen reader user 

OK #Mastodon. I've seen several toots on #accessibility for #screenreader users, however, I've not seen one from a screenreader user (as far as I know). I've used ZoomText, Outspoken, JAWS (AKA JFW), Supernova, NVDA (Windows), and VoiceOver (both on Macs and iPhone). I don't have experience with Windows Narrator or TalkBack. I would like to rectify and clarify a few small things.
First off, any awareness of accessibility issues, and endeavours to make things more accessible is great. Keep going!
Blind/low-vision people have been using the internet as long as everyone else. We had to become used to the way people share things, and find workarounds or tell developers what we needed; this latter one has been the main drive to get us here and now. Over the past decade, screen readers have improved dramatically, including more tools, languages, and customisability. However, the basics were already firmly in place around 2000. Sadly, screen readers cost a lot of money at that time. Now, many are free; truly the biggest triumph for accessibility IMHO.
So, what you can do to help screen readers help their users is three simple things.
1. Write well: use punctuation, and avoid things like random capitalisation or * halfway through words.
2. Image description: screen readers with image recognition built-in will only provide a very short description, like: a plant, a painting, a person wearing a hat, etc. It can also deal with text included in the image, as long as the text isn't too creatively presented. So, by all means, go absolutely nuts with detail.
3. Hashtags: this is the most commonly boosted topic I've seen here, so #ThisIsWhatAnAccessibleHashtagLooksLike. The capitalisation ensures it's read correctly, and for some long hashtags without caps, I've known screen readers to give up and just start spelling the whole damn thing out, which is slow and painful.
That's really all. Thanks for reading! 😘

Today I learned things from @blindscribe that I would like to share. Thanks Robert!

* Mastodon supports RSS! You can follow anyone by adding .rss:
* There are audio description artists that paint picture with words for those unable to look at a screen
* is an email groups alternative that is superior than Yahoo/Google Groups
* is a visual interpreting service that provides on-demand access to visual information


There's A LOT of discussion about content moderation right now and very little of it touches on the fact that we've all lived on the big social sites for the last decade-plus thanks to the massively exploitated labor of mostly-invisible moderation workers. The social web at scale wouldn't have happened without these laborers, who in addition to shit wages, have been exposed to literally every imaginable horror.

If we're remaking this world, let's do better on that front.

A gentle reminder to folks who are new to Mastodon. In solidarity with those in the disabled community who rely on screen readers, we ask that you:

* Add alt text/image descriptions when you post media
* Capitalize the first letter of every word in a hashtag #LikeThis

#StrongerTogether #Accessibility #Disability #Solidarity

Self-promotion disguised as a Fun Fact: In my novel #TheFatedSky, I have an ENTIRE CHAPTER about a zero-g toilet repair complete with spinning globe of urine.

Alas, I had not yet learned that it should be bright purple and acidic so it is merely amber.

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This was one of my favorite things that I posted in birdland, so that it's not lost...

Let's talk about peeing in space.

Several people, in response to my NY Times essay, have said that women couldn't go into space because we lacked the technology for them to pee in space.

When the Mercury program was proposed, doctors were worried that people would not be able to urinate or even swallow without the aid of gravity.

And yet, they still made plans to send a man into space.

To everyone new here, PLEASE also remember that *volunteers* are running the servers you're on so it's time to forget about being the product.

You're the *producers* now and producers keep their people happy. There will need to be *serious* upgrades to the servers most of us are on with people coming by the hundreds of thousands each hour.

So please ask your admins how you could potentially help.

#twitter #mastodon #riptwitter

We're down to the last 46 hours of the A LITTLE IMMORTALITY Kickstarter. The remaining stretch goals?

144 more backers - we'll hire an animator to do Tagon's Happy Dance
$3,000 more dollars - Howard gets an anti-gravity recliner to help him (read: ME) make art despite the Long Covid/CFS stuff.

Comprehensive list on how to support a writer:
-Read their work.
-Review their work.
-Share their work.
-Send periodical wellness checks when they don't message back.
-Lure them out of their writing cave with promises of coffee and treats.
-Tell them they're not an imposter on day 765 of editing.
-Help them clean their hoarder house on week 5 of writing a book.
-Hide their negative reviews.
-Take them on a walk (leash optional but always fashionable) they haven't seen the sun in a month.

For New Users, there are three time lines:

🏠 Home: Which has your posts and the people you follow

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Local: Which has posts from people on your instance.

🌎 Federated: Which has posts from across the fediverse (other instances). They are mostly follows of all of the people on your instance but there's a few more thrown in for good measure.

Are there any Mastodon instances for people involved in volunteering, humanitarian work, working for human rights orgs, and the like? I'd like to network with them and see what they're up to.

#instance #volunteering #humanrights

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