I've seen a couple stories lately about flying cars coming soon.
You know what?
Keep the flying cars.
I don't want a flying car.
Give me a reliable and affordable self-driving ground car.
I want to read and work on my writing while my car drives me to the store or to the lake to fish or wherevertheheck I want to go.
If you really want to impress me, give me a self-driving car that can go offroad and I'll let it drive me up a mountain for an inspiring view.

A short piece from 2074 on home crafters using robot labor to make a big impact on the durable goods and arts industries.
Wouldn't it be way easier to start a home business if you had some bots to help out?
I could certainly write more with a bot housekeeper & secretary, but there's so much more they could do...

*Everything Explodes* -- on .
The future of drone warfare from a conflict blog in 2041.

It's funny. I love to read far-future science fiction. Aliens, interstellar empires, FTL, all that good stuff.
But more and more my writing gravitates to the near future. Or if I venture farther, the consequences of things that are happening now or soon.

In other other news, today I took a 4 & a 6 year old to a fishing spot and not only did I survive but the 6 year old caught 3 bluegill and a bass, and I caught 10 bluegill. In 2 hours. 2 hours after that, the fish were all breaded (cornmeal, flour, lemon adobo, pepper) and deep fried and on our dinner plates.
A good day.

In other news a book blogger reviewed my stuff and as an indie author who hasn't gotten a ton of sales yet I'm all SQUEEEEEEE theeclecticscribe.com/2017/04/

My adult, vegetarian son will tear it up, though. Indian-inspired, check. Chickpeas, check.
Chickpeas are such a staple, now. My childhood meat-potatoes-cheese midwestern self would be shocked.
Chickpea curry. Homemade hummus. Falafel, added to pastas and salads. Chickpea flour for breading and batters and fritters and 'crepes.' So versatile.

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Making a not-hot but flavorful green chickpea curry. Corn dogs on emergency standby as the 5 year old and especially 3 year old may decide not to eat it. But, but, tomatoes and onion and ginger and fresh turmeric and garlic and cilantro!
They'll tear up the fresh, hot basmati rice, though.

It's "homeopathy awareness week" but to make it more powerful please only observe it for a microsecond

When I was a little kid, I figured for sure there would be cities on the Moon my now. And probably some outposts on Mars.

Humans are WAY too slow and WAY too busy spending their resources blowing each other up.

No wonder all the really successful aliens have one-government home planets.

Oh my god, follow_bots have a fascinating purpose and an actually pretty influential function. By following people in other instances they federate with them and thus make posts/people from those instances show up in each other's federated timeline. Given the nascent state of Mastodon this could have major implications for the ways instances build connections early on (which may change how cultures or even uh, factions form). It's a little wacky how easy it is to federate.

News from USA, 2033: "People Kibble"

CW: The fiction is political. I mean, ALL fiction is political, but this is particularly political.

After reading up on US political news today (no specifics, so no need for CW) I'm struck as usual by the underlying theme:
At the least, Boomers and GenXers (I'm GenX) are, in general, the most short-sighted subcultures in our national history.
Seriously. Our collective horizon is, like, about 3 months out. Anything more remote is virtually invisible.

I tried on the verified check emoji here, but wanted something a bit more custom.

So now I have a science-fictiony rocket πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

Sweet, a book blogger did an "Indie spotlight" on my most recent short story collection.
Since I have to go off and take care of getting the taxes done today, I *really needed* a good smile and this did it.

Alright, off to do family stuff. If anyone toots at me I'll answer later. :-)

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