Being an omnivorous technology generalist is punishing to start out as and lasts for years, but becomes incredibly valuable later. That's something I wish I could have told the prior me.
Come to understand: Being a generalist is not about "lacking experience to call yourself an expert." Touching on innumerable disciplines is itself a crucial skill that lets you operate in the real world with huge autonomy. Just know your limits. Most problems don't need specialists. Generalists are the ones that known when to ***call in the specialists***.

Why release @astro 2.0 only 6 months after 1.0?

• Versions are free! Really.
• Major updates don't *have* to be a massive chore
• Keeps us in sync with @vite, Rollup
• Internal cleanup, removing deprecated APIs from the v0 days
• We need to reserve `src/content/` for *uh... stuff* 👀
• Hybrid Rendering was a huge lift behind the scenes! Sets the stage for more granular builds.

I visited an `egg plant` once, and their biosecurity in a non-outbreak year was very high. Getting into that facility during this outbreak must be extraordinary.

Follow up:

What if it's not a jsdoc/docblock comment ( for reference).

* A Lengthy
* Explanation
* Of Why
* This Code
* Exists Here
if (someComplexCondition() {...}

Is this OK?

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How do you like your comment blocks?

* Comment
* Blocks
* Like
* This?


"we pay location based salaries, to adjust for cost of living"

so, you pay disabled people more? "no" what about single parents? "also no" what about people who've paid off their mortgage, they get less, right? "as if"

ok, so you adjust the cost of living adjustments, right? "maybe we will. if it goes down"

"we just worked out the lowest we can pay people in any area and remain competitive"

it just feels more like location specific wage theft

Ultimately decided to go back to regular Split View and Slide Over on my iPad Pro.

Without a tiling system OR true freeform windowing, nothing about Stage Manager works for me. Not the strip, not the animations, the forced window placement, the lack of separate "desktops", or the limit of 4 windows per workspace.

Split View feels faster, more cohesive, and thought through. I only use Stage Manager on the Studio Display – begrudgingly – to avoid mirroring. So it goes.

Today I got to be the studio ghost like @ryanmr did for me back in the day! Hopped on a video call with @schufman and today's guest, set my computer to record, then went and did some chores while they did their magic.

On even on the most basic of forms, I try the cmd+enter trick to submit and I'm always disappointed. Still going to keep doing it though.

The tech press doesn't understand that Twitter just killed the only thing that ever made them innovative:

3rd party access to their API

This should be a bigger story because, in reality, almost all of Twitter innovations came from 3rd parties -- including the word "tweet" itself.

New Safari extension: Homecoming for Mastodon

Opens Mastodon URLs in your own instance with one click, making it easier to follow new accounts!

iOS and macOS

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