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Among issues on this Ubuntu machine, I've occasionally gotten into a state with corrupted text.

This issue described the issue, though I think it's actually more pronounced in dark modes.

I can ctrl+alt+fn/f3, open tty and then `sudo service gdm3 restart` but that's a last ditch effort IMO.

I bought to iCloud storage because my iPad hadn’t backed up in over a year and I wanted to try out the new `Freeform` tool that they added in iOS 16.

I think the binary blob I was seeing was the “Core Dump” encoded as base64.

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I have Docker Desktop running on a 22.04 install. The only service running on it right now is pihole. The Docker Desktop process crashes almost daily. There’s plenty of RAM, plenty of CPU, plenty of Disk.

I found some logs:
> /var/log/opt_docker-desktop_Docker Desktop.1000.crash

There’s a bunch of leading binary and then after there’s plaintext logs but nothing is jumping out as an obvious cause.

Do you like json validators that mutate your input? In other words, you have {a: 1, b: 2} and the schema has a default `c` resulting in a mutated input {a: 1, b: 2, c: 3}.

Is that right?

The server computer at home has 32GB of memory now. I've been trying to get it stable and replacing the ram was on the list.

Will that machine ever need that much? No, probably not. With the prices today though, $80 for DDR4-3200 (over 2400 originally), it seemed like a good time.

I was testing if a mastodon post would automatically unfurl. As far as I can tell, it doesn't unfurl automatically.

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If you make a for your GitHub profile, you can’t use it yet as #verification here because Github removes the REL=ME attributes. However, if you edit your actual profile on GitHub, and put your #Mastodon site as your homepage (that’s the one with the chain link) it will use REL=ME for that link, which means you can verify your GitHub. See my about profile for all three of my verified links!

I’ve been debugging Linux/ubuntu piholes issues today. I run 22.04 with Docker Desktop and I think it has some quirks compared to other container packages.


Even though history was kept, settings weren’t. Apparently www-data wasn’t an owner of the settings SQLite files. Now my SQLite is writeable again and that’s what matters.

Hey, if you want to be "verified" on the fediverse as being _actually you_, you don't need some third party to verify you or to check some list.

Got a domain you own, that's obvs you?

Paste `<a rel="me" href="https://your.server/@your_username">Mastodon</a>`into the html on that domain, add that domain to your profile links, bam, verified at least as comprehensively as a lot of folks on birdsite.

If this seems hard, I will help you! You can verify yourself, promise!

(boosts for reach a-ok)

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