I had Node previously running on the Windows studio computer, and I guess I updated the WSL recently. All set up again, but now running Node from brew.

Look, it's Mastodon again. I didn't want to pollute the usual Twitter stream. Instead, if I remember, I can use this.

I was able to log into Mastodon again!

Needs picture, please 🐕🐕🐕🐶🐾

If you like it, take a look at tweetdeck web app for desktop!

I also use tweetdeck on computer - columns are good for me! Still look for a smooth Android client, using Mastalab for now.
@georgeh @rands

@rands it is! the idea is that if you don't like the policy / rules of your instance, you can go to another, or make your own. I like to think of it like WordPress for blogging but for Twitter

@rands sorry, it's hard to describe! the wiki entry describes the federation part a little better en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mastodon

@rands You're on .social and I'm on .cloud -- when I made my account, .social was full.

Many instances are themed, so you could make an instance around a topic/theme and people could chat about it. But you can also connect among instance like we are - which is the federated part.

@rands I'm on a different instance, so I guess by default I only have 2 columns here

@rands it's not too bad, it takes a while to get used to though!

Basically, I ask the recruiter for their email and then it will send them the resume, but it will also add the email to a recruiter filter.

I've wanted a contact form vs open email, but it's now on my card anyway, so maybe it doesn't matter as much.

I've wondered about that. I want real recruiters to have open access to it. Maybe it could be a reverse honey pot?

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