I had to unfollow the admin, my timeline was getting so bloated.

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I got there eventually, the azure SDK supports both node and browser, deno is neither and can't fully emulate either.

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Hi again mastodon. Turns out, there's a new app so I had to try it out.

Wait a second ...

"The company moved the blockchain to an internal cloud to be able to control security and data privacy, Mr. Muthukrishnan said."

That doesn't sound so useful.

"Material objects cannot be hashed. It is physically impossible."

- HN commenter, root_axis

I had Node previously running on the Windows studio computer, and I guess I updated the WSL recently. All set up again, but now running Node from brew.

Look, it's Mastodon again. I didn't want to pollute the usual Twitter stream. Instead, if I remember, I can use this.

I was able to log into Mastodon again!

@rands it's not too bad, it takes a while to get used to though!

Did you derive your public key from your private key? It doesn't matter, we ignore both!


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