To run with the notion of sparking discussion beyond Mastodon/bots/etc

Anyone here into , , , or ?

How about , , or ? No?

Maybe , , , or ?

, , , or ?

Maybe some , , or ?

Well, can always default to and


@Secstodon Here is a ? of preference: You're going to play with some unexplored python project from github. How do you prefer to isolate it? venv? pyenv? virtualenv? docker? vagrant? ___?

@ryanmaynard depends how much i trust the author :-p
At minimum, virtualenv/venv
More likely a full VM/Vagrant

@Secstodon In full candor, just a quirkly/bs term to increase consulting rates.

Mainly just an amaglam statistical methods (distributions, regression analysis, etc) to explore the economics of a given system. I use it when analyzing processes at SMBs.

@ryanmaynard very cool! I feel like there's so much I don't know and never enough time to learn it all in

@Secstodon Same here! But I try to view it as a good thing (the fun is never over). :)

I'm interested in learning more about those topics, but I have basically zero experience with them

@mindbat Speaking of , I'm fairly certain a non-trivial amount of users are Markov chain bots. lol

@ryanmaynard ha, maybe. thankfully we have the Mute and Block buttons for those ;)

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