Anyone else find it hard to balance #study time, when you have a family, full time job, and on call one week in two. Really want to progress my #linux career, would like to start the Linux #instance on #mastodon and I have a endless list of project for my #homelab #lookingforateam #lookingforlikemindedpeople #linuxadmin

@Pie I am a Linux engineer and I'm currently studying Python. I absolutely find it difficult to stay focused and study. Real life intrudes a lot.

I wouldn't be opposed to doing some group projects with #Python/#Linux/whatever to help others.

If you *really* want to start a #mastodon instance, check out the Vagrant guide: on GitHub.

@profoundlynerdy I've been working on my #bash scripting. Are you using #python to script or other stuff? If #scripting why did you go python over bash?

@Pie Good question!

Three basic reasons:

1. Readability. Python enforces good coding style and it's easy to read even unfamiliar code. This was a major factor for me.
2. Robustness: Python has a standard library and can do a lot of things that would be *hard* to do well in Bash.
3. Ubiquity: it's just as common as Bash in the Linux world.

Also, I can do more with Python than write traditional scripts. I can write full on apps if I want.


@profoundlynerdy @Pie +1 for Robustness. There are so many great libraries and existing tools in

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