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Ryan Maynard ✅ @ryanmaynard@mastodon.cloud

Is there a way to embed toots yet (ie. include in a blog post)?

The scraper finally finished pulling in quitter.se, haha - ok, this is as close as I'm gonna get with the domains I have on hand.

Are there any other, large GNUSocial instances you know of? If you can't find them through the search box on radar.amberstone.digital/ please let me know (or just register them on the homepage ❤)

"422 Remote could not be resolved" while attempting to follow others.

Since someone with my name sells get-rich-quick stuff, and another was caught in January with a felony amount of meth, I decided to set aside an hour to make a directory.


My desktop app for Mastodon now gains mult-account support.


#Python nerds: just a day left to pick up this sweet bundle of No Starch ebooks from Humble. Pay-what-you-want, support charities, etc.

Non-nerds: one of these books straight-up taught me Python!


Congratulations to us all, Mastodon Fediverse. 200k users is kind of a big deal!

Federated timeline looks like a slot machine right now.

Has anyone created an or for yet? Not the graphics, but something one could use for a thumbnail?

Made a Github issue for autopausing gifs for accessibility reasons:


Click it, subscribe to it, +1/thumbs-up it, etc. :)

#ActuallyAutistic #epilepsy #accessibility #mastodon

tech bloggers: mastodon will never go anywhere, federation is confusing and i dont like toots

me: welcome to c y b r e s p a c e be sure to florp someone's ping,

♻The internet owns - it's where router manufacturers can say you're a liar via direct message https://quitter.no/attachment/895332

That little note I wrote on Keybase + Mastodon made it to the top of Lobste.rs

Glad a few of you found it helpful! :)


There are so many interesting, smart, kind, helpful people here. I hope this atmosphere lingers as the site grows/stabilizes