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@d I should really set up mastodon for the council of Ryans at my domain name

If i win a billion dollars in Powerball tonight, y'all can patch your own openssl

so, how many people here are up late, prepping for "openssl super tuesday", and figured "meh, I'll check out mastodon while jenkins runs"

First news organization to stand up its federated Mastodon server with a trustable domain (e.g. and accounts for its staff for people to follow gets a prize.

Also, proposal for a standardized domain for news orgs, e.g.,, and/or autodiscovery of a mastodon server for a parent domain e.g. a socialnetworks.txt

feels like I should post something here to blow the dust off. Here's some ham radio data graphs:

seems your servername is part of your identity. So, i'm ... "hello world!"

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well, i guess i'm over here on mastodon. does one always need to put the federated servername, or am I the only ryancnelson here in the mastadonSphere?

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