heya, mastodon-friends.... i'm moving to a different server. This should work transparently, but fyi, i'm ryancnelson@hachyderm.io now

TheWirecutter just pimped a $140 set of cornhole beanbags as a great deal, so that really helps wean me off the bird site.

can someone who understands soccer more than I do explain this free-kick defense? Why's a dude just lying down?

@dfeldman i'm squinting, hoping to see some sort of pulley-system with handles so you can waterski without a boat. Sounds death-defying, though.

Just mentioning this because I haven’t yet on mastodon— I’ll be in Las Vegas for re:Invent next week. I’m also on “peerTalk”

it turns out that zoom audio voice processing sounds pretty good on

I failed my British citizenship test. I'm chuffed. Or possibly knackered. I didn't really study.

it's 360 review season! My reviews are never really "anonymous and confidential", though, because my prose-style and two-spaces-after-periods gives me away.

i don't often have the spare time to regularly listen to the podasts/streams that @bcantrill and Oxide put out, but please someone let me know if they talk about "cold boot" stuff this week. There's fun stories there. cc @jmc

if you are a person who understands what "hangops slack meetup at re:invent" means, then check the channel to meet like-mindeds in Vegas this year

@d we’re thinking of going with masTEDdon talks
(parody account!)

really noticing today that mastodon doesn't incentivize "likes", or have an algorithm that pushes hot-takes or trends, and it really changes the addictive-ness of the whole thing.

Here's an idea: a mastodon instance that runs basically as a BBS over ax25 on UHF/VHF/HF for short/medium/long distance federation.

secret-santa nerd gift idea:
* cheap 'on-air' light ($17 amzn)
* cheap iftt-compatible smart-plug ($10 amzn)
* software to automate it to light up during zoom calls: github.com/wouterdebie/onair

I'd like to share an incredible FOSS project known as BOLTS: it's a slowly growing database of tech specs for design and construction, started by an OpenSCAD dev who wanted standard bolts and washers. It now has all standardised EU/AU structural steel profiles in an agnostic backend powering #OpenSCAD, #FreeCAD, and #NativeIFC software like the #BlenderBIM Add-on.

There is ongoing work to extend the database with architectural dimensions, US/Indian profiles, and more.


@Gargron look at Keybase identity verification. I can prove I’m the same person who owns my domain name, twitter account, GitHub ID, PGP key and mastodon ID. keybase.io/ryancnelson

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