*working on a project like* Europe - "The Final Countdown" (Official Music Video)

@ruth I'm afraid the world has that music going right now because of #Syria

@Migukin if the end of the world has to come, then we'd damn well better pull out our best music

@Migukin oh no, we're turning up the tempo and pulling out the drums. (Hair metal is my ultimate fave genre if we're gonna go genre)

@ruth cool I would suggest RATT, and a few other more obscure such bands.

@craigmaloney @ruth for the end of the world, that would be good, I guess. Though, really Led Zepplin or even The Beatles with Helter Skelter might work at this point

@craigmaloney @Migukin yeah actually, power metal is my #1 I'm just more in need of hair metal/glam in my life right now. I assume it's the specific things that they addressed and how their music is just perfect for that (and the world is doing 70s/80s sht so... it's fitting)

@ruth @craigmaloney given that 80s hair is making a comback, maybe 80s rock will, too

@ruth @migukin true that. Thought the nuclear cold we messages of thrash metal were an anachronism. Yay history repeating.
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