Ok so how many people on here are librarians or libtech who are sighing, breathing, and explaining what the heck federation means? WE'VE BEEN TRAINING OUR WHOLE LIVES FOR THIS MOMENT.

Some of you are unaware of "Federate search" and just think this is me talking about librarians giving you good information. Oh no, padawan. It's so much more.

@Blueteach it means bringing a whole bunch of independent/separate things together into a single place where people can search them. In libraries, this means we might bring in our book records + our journal records + some other resource and you can search against all those indices. We may or may not separate results by time. It can be a MESS. ...or amazing. And either way we have to explain how it works a lot. :nerd:

@KatoKatonian did it work from my other post? Basically bringing a whole bunch of indices together from some source or index and making them work together. Ideally in a useful way.

@ruth So... Mastodon is a like libraries discovery layer but for microblogging? I hope EBSCO doesn't buy it.

@ruth I apologize, I forgot I wasn't supposed to name any of the great library evils on here.

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