Also if you wanted to switch to it's literally open for just 20 more min so.... get on it!

So for friends who are following me here, if I can swing it it's very likely that I'm moving to when their sign up window opens. Because reasons.

By the way if you didn't know about it is a great source for finding US things out all in one painful blow. It's much emotionally easier (I've found) than learning about them by tweets, toots, or FB (posting w/o CW since not directly political & maybe helpful for those overwhelmed by the pain/anxiety of it all like I am).

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The largest harm of the cryptocurrency world, besides people losing money via scams (they're taking crazy bets and I don't have much sympathy), is that they vacuum energy and attention away from "regular" decentralization initiatives that simply want to distribute power away from monolith tech companies into the hands of ordinary developers and people, without also inventing crazy new economies and political systems in the process. You don't need a cryptocurrency to beat Twitter.

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Folks worrying about instances just up and shutting down because someone got in over their head don't understand how many BBSes I opened and closed over the years.

It'll happen. It's not the end of the world. It does suck. It doesn't suck forever unless you give up.

If an instance you're on closes shop, you can and will find another if you want one. Go easy on the poor soul who had to end a dream.

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he who makes a shitposter of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man

really only @adr follows enough of my instances to even know what that subtoot meant.


Take that, Benjamin.

*working on a project like* Europe - "The Final Countdown" (Official Music Video)

Ruth there isn't going to be a quilters-only instance. ....although... I mean...

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Thanks everyone earlier, you were very kind with the cute animals. I had a day that was parts rough and parts long and am finally home with my good boy and can respond do your sweet toots.

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Y'all are some delightful and kind nerds.

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@ruth Maybe not so cute, but here's a wolf jaw recovered from archaeological excavations of an early Etruscan context:

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For those who dont know, the federated timeline displays all the activity from all the people on other instances who are followed by people on your instance.

It is therefore very good practice to follow as many interesting people from other instances as possible. We are the ropes binding this distributed system together.


Ok, Mastodon, this is your first test. I'm having an emotionally awful week. Can you do the bird site thing and supply cute pics of dogs and cats and bats?

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