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hi to those browsing the local/fed feeds i just got here and am looking for friends and people to follow cause idk anyone who has a mastodon SO i like reading science fiction, horror movies, film critique, manga, warped humor, oddities, and being gay

every time i log back on here i forget how to use this fucking app

if i get this part time office job maybe i can buy a bunch of button downs and be business casual queer

i haven't been here so i've only been flooding twitter about daredevil so no offense but i miss matt murdock

i haven't been here for 6 months but the app seems.....different

you, lawful neutral: taking color coded notes in gel pens

me, chaotic evil: taking notes in old peeling crayons i stole from a diner

Job Interviewer: so where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Me: the bottom of a river. let's talk compensation

was gonna post about "____ can raw me" but then forgot who it was supposed to be about so i think god did us all a favor on that one

ted bundy is so annoying tbh like he really was out there killing all those woman cause he was a bastard who didn't have a dad growing up, like can you be more petty

i never want to see another movie that has an incredibly innovative approach to storytelling

how many times a day is too many to think about death

you ever have those days where nothing is wrong but everything feels slightly off and a little fuzzy but you're not sad and every song you listen to puts you in a trance and you're just sort of....existing

was gonna post about "____ can raw me" but then forgot who it was supposed to be about so i think god did us all a favor on that one

i had a dream i met jake gyllenhaal and he was younger and hot and him and his unbuttoned shirt tried to help me cover up a murder

I can't describe why this is funny but I guess everyone gets hired somehow

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