Super excited for @devinreams and his launch of

Mozilla's experimenting with a VPN offering through a partnership with ProtonVPN

this description of the evolving process of creating data visualizations for The Economist over the decades is so great

RT Thanks to for matching my class with Regina and her English students from Ponta Grossa in Brazil! We've learned so much already and we're looking forward to our next chat. Thanks for recording the moment, Jenna!


Friends don't let real friends put up hyperbolic and ludicrous billboards.
RT A friendly reminder! 😉


As my high school physics teacher said: “two data points do not a trend line make"
my view on (non)trend lines from VMworld.

I think these teens eschewing social media are the exceptions that prove the rule, but I just love the comment, "I’d rather not know what other people think of me."

Reading up on best practices for moderating a panel. Anyone have a take they'd like to share?
What do you like in a panel? What do you hate?

@skabber I have heard of very few of these spots, which is a surefire sign that they are cool!

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