I'm giving 3 talks in the next 10 days, 2 of which are fresh content and new decks.

<insert something melodramatic about drowning>

turns out I cannot not sing along to Take It Easy

it makes me want to go to Winslow, Arizona

so I love cucumbers mixed in with cottage cheese
and I love pickles

but my experiment to mix pickles in with cottage cheese was not a resounding success...

as someone who ostensibly benefits from the gig economy, I feel like I still end up taken advantage of just by the very nature of knowing that it takes advantage of others.
knowing that the system is what it is puts me in a place that I either have to accept shitty service or tank someone's livelihood.
"uh, this Amazon delivery guy left my garage open; glowing feedback so he can still make his rent."

I met Alexis Ohanian at a conference in like 2008, but somehow never saw the need to actually make a reddit account until yesterday. I was a very happy ~15 year lurker. What finally drew me in? Needing to trade Muppet Lego Minifigs....

I decided to send a quick note after the fact and I am so delighted by the response: the shirts were not intentional but instead an unexpected result of a 3rd party API. the demo giver was super receptive to my feedback and the team is prioritizing fixing it.

I am excited that there was not an intentionally objectifying choice made. I'm excited that they were kind and receptive to my concerns. I am excited I was brave enough to say something.

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when demoing a shopping cart app, please don't choose women's mesh shirts as your sample products.

generally speaking, if there are nipples in your demo you probably did something wrong.

I'm prepping my outlying calendar and realized there are few meetings occurring one week out that can make me super excited. Updates from Tailscale are one of them.

dental hygienist let me go that whole appointment calling them my 'vampires' before correcting me to 'canines' as I left

Super excited for @devinreams and his launch of premium.firefox.com/vpn/.

Mozilla's experimenting with a VPN offering through a partnership with ProtonVPN

this description of the evolving process of creating data visualizations for The Economist over the decades is so great


RT @MrsCavers78@twitter.com: Thanks to @EmpaticoOrg@twitter.com for matching my class with Regina and her English students from Ponta Grossa in Brazil! We've learned so much already and we're looking forward to our next chat. Thanks for recording the moment, Jenna! @jl_school@twitter.com @GEDSB@twitter.com

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Friends don't let real friends put up hyperbolic and ludicrous billboards.
RT @MongoDB@twitter.com A friendly reminder! 😉

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As my high school physics teacher said: “two data points do not a trend line make"
my view on (non)trend lines from VMworld.

I think these teens eschewing social media are the exceptions that prove the rule, but I just love the comment, "I’d rather not know what other people think of me."


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