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MENDOU is the local rich kid, who really is extremely rich, like, owns-half-of-Japan rich. Serves as rival for Lum's affections, although it's never really a choice for her. Has a whole army of suit-wearing goons to carry out his slightest whim.

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Shinobu is put upon a lot from all the hopeless male characters. When this happens, she becomes _extremely_ strong, which is at first a comic device to represent the depths of her furor, but graduates to recognized ability.

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To this is added SHINOBU. Ordinary schoolgirl. At first she's Ataru's former girlfriend. It starts out as a love triangle, but eventually Lum does become Ataru's actual girlfriend. Shinobu then sort of dates Mendou, then a rabbitsuit-wearing character from the movies, Inaba.

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The basic gag is, Ataru pervs on some woman, Lum delivers hilarious electric shock, Ataru is left a crumpled heap. But Ataru's willpower is such that he quickly recovers. Essentially it's a classic cartoon situation, and the show knows it.

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LUM: Series mascot, usually in a tiger fur bikini. Can fly, has electric powers, has her own UFO. Lives mostly in Ataru's house, in his closet even. What she sees in that dolt everyone constantly wonders, but occasionally Ataru proves himself worth it. Occasionally.

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A brief description of Urusei Yatsura characters:
ATARU: Unluckiest kid on Earth. Accidentally gets nebulously engaged to alien oni space princess Lum Invader. Extremely lecherous, and is constantly punished for it, doesn't seem to realize Lum is an amazing girlfriend.

Of course, I do more than write things for Set Side B. I also write absurdly detailed Fanfare posts about people mentioned in episodes of Last Week Tonight:

The Wordle Post, which contains the sentence "Let the angels weep, then," is up on Set Side B:

Tomorrow morning Set Side B has a long piece lying in wait on Wordle variants!

Today I learned that the in-game "manual" that Ralsei gives you in Deltarune 1 and that is a running joke because Kris doesn't ever read it actually exists in its entirety as images embedded in the game files, but there's no way in the game to actually access them

Entire thing on Imgur:

And, finally, did you see what's new in the Redbox tonight? Some new movie called DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. It's been rated 0x0000009F by STOP

"Welcome to the Worm department! Here's a free sample!"


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Tell me, which of these two departments is more disconcerting to happen upon in a store?

A few remaining pictures in my roll--
A rugged thermos-style wine tumbler for camping. For those looking for harder stuff, a bottle of "SELECT Doe Urine." With "non-threatening curosity appeal!" I am so so glad I'm not the one who selects the doe urine, would not apply do not hire.

A grab bag. You're dredging pretty low in the barrel to base your movie off an evil Jack-In-The-Box. The thing that gets me about land sharks as a concept is: dirt isn't transparent! How would it be able to see where it's swimming/burrowing? The premise is flawed is what I'm saying. It'll never fly. (Because it's a land shark, not a sky shark, duh.)

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The "Girl in the Box trilogy" comes, it seems, from the Lifetime network. The "Legend of the Five" looks to be someone trying to cash in on Harry Potter-style magical teen adventures.

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I'm told Alien Sniper was named "Alien Sniperess" in other territories. Because even our alien snipers must be explicitly gendered.
Easter Bunny Massacre is a fun premise! I especially like the tag line, "This year there won't be a Good Friday."

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It's nearly three in the morning, so why not laugh with me at the movies I saw earlier on the shelf at Walmart?
These first two are from The Asylum. "Planet Dune" reminds me of their version of "John Carter of Mars," where in the fiction both "Mars" and "John Carter" were another planet/person who had just happened to have gotten named that.

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