Okay, about to finalize the move. I'm told that it should redirect followers automatically, but JUST IN CASE, the new account is at cybre.space/@rodneylives
Put otherwise: @rodneylives@cybre.space

Okay so uh

1 year, 8 months and 17 days after the game's release, I've 100%ed Spelunky 2!, by which I mean I have collected every achievement. Most of the last year was spent on just finding the last item—

And this was without ANY consultation of faqs, guides or spoilers! Me and Miguel from Spooky Squid games did coop runs and shared information between ourselves, but no information came in from outside unless accidental (and I can count the significant accidental leaks on one finger)

I'll probably be moving from this Mastodon account to one on cybre.space tomorrow, just warning everyone. I'm given to believe the process is automatic.

Any metric divorced from its countervailing context is a lie.

I can't move to the Fediverse properly until I reproduce my famous pinned post from the birdsite, so here it is:

P.S.A. To all vintage computer and video game collectors:

Go through your collections and GET THE DAMN BATTERIES OUT!

Now! Don't wait! Seriously, put down the phone, go to your collection and take out all the batteries. Right now! Even if they look "okay" they are NOT SAFE after this much time.

Working on changing to a different Mastodon server. More news as that process continues....

So far, every time I think I might be running out of ideas for Set Side B posts, something comes up that I HAVE TO TELL THE WORLD ABOUT, and soon I'm back up to a month of backlog again. That's probably a good sign.

Long article up on Set Side B, on Marble Madness II! I pulled an all-nighter on this one: setsideb.com/arcade-mermaid-mo

Marble Madness II, through some unknown process, has been dumped and there's a couple of video plays out there now. Set Side B: setsideb.com/breaking-marble-m

@Canageek Hey! Looking around for information on Omega, found your comment on the first CRPG Addict post on it.

I get this ad for fake wordle all the time its incredible how flagrant it is lol

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It's a cartoon and knows it, all of its characters have flaws but are still likeable, most of them (esp Ataru) are sabotaging themselves constantly, it's constantly surprising, and it's full of jokes but can also turn on a dime to genuine warmth. There! My spiel is done.

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Rumiko Takahashi went on to create Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha too, both also very popular, but I still like UY the best? R1/2's martial arts theme isn't appealing to me, and Inuyasha is too traditional supernatural anime drama, but UY is still great.

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I've seen it described as the prototypical magical girlfriend show, but UY is not wish-fulfillment: it's bonkers cartoon comedy, and obeys cartoon universe logic. Shinobu's strength is because she's *mad*, Ataru can withstand incredible injury because he's *that motivated*, etc.

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As is maybe obvious, I never really gave up liking Urusei Yatsura? It sometimes has the problems any hyper-chaotic 80s teen comedy has, but it has a lot of heart. Ataru actually does care deeply for Lum, but is too stubborn about having her move in and take over his life.

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And then there's CHERRY. You might compare him to Jughead, but really, there's no one like Cherry. He's the short Buddist monk who is constantly showing up humorously in unexpected places. He's not on anyone's side.

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In reality Mendou is nearly as lecherous as Ataru, but does a much better job of maintaining composure in public. He's basically the Reggie of the show, to Ataru's Archie, Lum's Veronica and Shinobu's Betty.

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