I'll leave you with this image. I won't explain it. Just... soak this in. Wallow in it. It is amazing.

Some encounters from later chapters appear early, unfinishable, until it's Time to Do Them. It's a mixed bag. If you're a connoisseur of Bad Nintendo Games like me, these things are almost bonuses, but normal people, SENSIBLE ones, may be disappointed. If you paid $40 for this at a late 80s toy store, you may feel cheated. It is something you must acquire. Like the flu.

Unfortunately, for honesty's sake, now I must tell you the catch, which for NES Superman is gigantic. The catch is the game is really badly programmed. In addition to a tragic frame rate, when the screen scrolls, the sprites visibly lag behind the scroll by like three pixels. Enemies are placed right at screen transitions, so you take unavoidable hits, unless you see them coming and jump in the air so you've over their heads when you change screens.

I've shown this before, but my favorite of the lot, so much that I cleaned it up for you, is Nintendo Lex Luthor. He's basically little chibi Gene Hackman. He is my kind son and would never hurt anyone.

The other characters have been similarly reimagined, and many are drawn in the manual. The only image I could find on-line, of like 12 websites that all got their image from the same source, is badly compressed. For what it's worth, here it is.

I note that, although they took gigantic liberties with the character, they still gave Superman that little bit of hair that sticks out over his forehead. Here's the Japanese version of the graphic BTW, which is even more adorable.

All of the characters in the game are drawn in a kind of super-deformed style: big heads and tiny bodies, like toddlers out on the town. In particular this makes Superman look like a baby in pajamas. SO SERIOUS! Do you want your juice box?

I didn't manage to get an image of it, but my favorite image is when Clark "dies." He doesn't actually die so much as just drop to one knee and pause with his hand over his chest, like he's having a heart attack, or maybe just heartburn. "Oh my!"

Nintendo Clark Kent, you see, isn't a secret identity so much as a weakened state. Like how bosses in JRPGs have ultra-powerful "true forms," Nintendo Superman is Clark Kent's true form. Clark Kent can still jump high and fight, but can't use Superman's many powers.

Let's call this character Nintendo Superman. Comics Superman is a nigh invulnerable powerhouse that do practically anything. Nintendo Superman... isn't. He's easily wiped out by street thugs. When he runs low on health, he turns, on the spot, into Clark Kent.

Here's an interesting fact. The Japanese version of the game uses the music from the 80s Superman movie! And has an opening screen where you (for some reason) name your character! AND they got the license from First Star Software, makers of those Spy vs. Spy games!

It's weirdness is its saving grace. I have no idea how this managed to survive DC Comics' approval process. A bunch of Japanese developers completely reinterpreted Superman by their own vision and made a game about THAT. It's amazing.

Not the awful N64 Superman everyone remembers. Not the first game Superman, for the Atari (which isn't actually THAT bad). The Kemco one: the middle bad Superman. It's SO SO weird.

I'll toot a bit about it here as well...
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This thread is about a game from it... NES Superman. Oh boy, here we go.

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