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With the impending closure of, I'll be moving over to my dice account this week. If you're interested in keeping up with Molly or my sporadic gaming posts, @robotkarateman

I wasn't expecting perfection here, but it'd be nice to get a dog with a modicum of self preservation.

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A huge black truck stopped just in time to avoid squishing her, and Valette was able to run over and catch her before she gave anyone else a shot at it.

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Well, we knew Molly wasn't the brightest of dogs, but today she almost cashed her chips. We were on our way to the dog park when I happened to look up in time to see that she'd squeezed through the rear window gap and just as I watched she flung herself away from the car and into traffic.

The Alaska State Fair has been cancelled. What are Bachman Turner Overdrive going to do now??

Ok, except for the father/son team, all the teams on Big Flower Fight are fucking, right?


I'm stupidly excited about this. Pike was, hands down, the best part of the last season of Discovery.

So long, Fred Willard. You were a brilliant light on this earth.

Molly does not like me singing her name to the tune of the O'Jays' "For the Love of Money". This is an outrage. Dogs are supposed to love songs where the main lyrics are their names.

The trailers for the international versions of Nailed It! are the most entertaining thing I've seen all week.

I may not have much costuming work at the moment, and the wife may not be performing any time soon, but she's still lovely and we're still taking photos. I'm sharing some of our recent photo shoots on my PixelFed account, which is NSFW.

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Another from this shoot.
Fun fact - I'd originally planned this shoot to have a black stripe of fabric running across the middle of the frame, between her shoulders and hips, to offset the paleness of her skin and highlight the hair and stockings. The black fabric didn't work out no matter how we hung it, so we gave up. I think it's better for it.
This is my favorite shot from the shoot. #photography #glamour #photoshoot #sexy #thighhigh #paleskin

I like Pixelfed in theory. My major hurdle, however, is the lack of edit because it's running on Mastodon's backbone. That's one of my big complaints about Mastodon itself. Applying that to a photo sharing system makes it more annoying. The ability to change hashtags or fix a spelling error or even the ability to flag something NSFW when you forget WITHOUT HAVING TO DELETE IT AND START OVER would be really nice.

So @tootleapp is still marking every photo I post as NSFW, no matter how I mark it before posting. What gives @tootleapp ?

Molly has a temper. The wife went upstairs to change her socks and Molly decided that means it's time for walks and proceeded to scream around the house. Wife threw her in the yard to calm down and Molly began jumping four feet up the door and grabbing on to the mosquito screen to pull it down. My screen now has huge holes in it.

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