Finally got around to finishing season 13 of Doctor Who.

It was … not good. Oof.

@rklau ...dropped after Smith, but not by choice. Couldn't get into Capaldi. Tennant was my doctor.

@rklau I stopped watching midway through Matt Smith's run when the writers just flung up their hands and said "welp, we didn't need logic or physics anyway", blew up the moon (a hatching egg), had the eggshells re-coalesce into a new identical moon and had no consequences of any sort. Made me sad, I used to really like the show.

@effies @rklau Doctor Who has always struck me as more of a fantasy than science fiction show anyway. A wizard who pops out of a box. (Star Wars likewise is fantasy, more so in the sequels.)

@royal @rklau I have no issue with fantasy! I write it! But if you're gonna have your fantasy break physics, be consistent about it.

@effies I agree. Some writers do very well at this, and others... well, just because it's imaginative doesn't mean you should ignore plausibility.

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