Looks like the instance I’m currently on ( won’t be updating to Mastodon 4.x anytime soon (judging on the many-versions-old build and the fact that the site admin hasn’t posted here in over a year).

Anyone have an instance they love? I’m inclined to set up shop on - I like the idea of a local instance that’s, well, local.

(I also like that explicitly links to a way to provide financial support for the ongoing maintenance of the site.)

@rklau I had the same thought. (Local should be… local) It’s a nice instance. ;o)

@rklau I’m currently on one hosted by some folks in Boulder. quick account approval + responsive feed.

that said, I may fire one up myself.

@jbminn @rklau the logistics of updating our server version seem tricky. so much to learn on the fly

@rklau FWIW if you join SFBA you can get our very specific SF emoji set! :sutro: :sfgiantshat: :bart:

@rklau has been nice, but I've been more focused on my main feed. The recent 4.x upgrade was apparently tough, but successful. I've already donated some $$.

My main feed however, is getting overwhelming, so I clearly need to spend some time doing some sort of curation...

@rklau sfba is cool, I’m following its local and federated feeds and like them. Also check out and 🫡

@rklau did you ever go to XOXO? is up-to-date and well-cared-for by @annika and others.

@rklau that’s a bummer to hear. I moved to because it seemed a lot of people I like were on it, but I didn’t do a lot of due diligence. Curious what you find out!

@rklau I just migrated to -- it was a breeze -- and I like their setup, coc, and overall structure (financial support, collaborative, etc.)

The welcome email I received was lovely. Got a notification of an instance update (planned time) and my understanding is they're moving to 4.0 sometime next week.

Also, the "local timeline" has actually been readable and generally more enjoyable.

Worth a look, but I figure many are.

@rklau I've been impressed with the operations of and communications from the admin of, the server I'm on, but I don't know if they're accepting new folks right now :\

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