Mass shootings, gun violence 

Last week, it was worrying that my niece at was OK. (She was: spent 12h in lockdown while the manhunt for the shooter was underway.)

This morning, it’s grieving for the lives lost in , where my son is a student.

There are an estimated 393M privately-owned guns in America. There are literally more guns than people here.

Mass shootings, gun violence 

@rklau I'm glad that they are both OK and safe 🙏🏾

It's beyond sad that we, as a society, have become so immune to these mass shootings that they make barely a blip in our 24/7 news cycle except for those personally affected by it.

Mass shootings, gun violence 

@rklau ❤️ Glad they are both okay and safe.

Our politicians are unfortunately far more concerned about trans story time, than keeping children, teenagers, and young adults safe from gun violence.

I wonder what it'll take for them to change their stance. It's been decades of public suffering. 😥

Mass shootings, gun violence 

@rklau so sorry, regards from Canada.

Mass shootings, gun violence 

@rklau I am sorry. For you and for America. 😞

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