(Re-posting an after moving instances.) Most recently, I was California’s Chief Technology Innovation Officer, where I led the Office of Digital Services.

Before that, I spent 13+ years at Google (first in BD, then a PM on Blogger, Google+, and YouTube, then at Google Ventures). I'm currently working on what's next, probably at the intersection of tech and government.

Particularly interested in and , and am loving learning about and the .

@rklau how long before there’s an official federal government Mastodon instance?

@alembic have to imagine that there are several teams thinking about it already; I wouldn’t be surprised to see some instances get stood up in the months ahead.

@rklau looking forward to Mastodon getting that kind of uptake/legitimacy

@rklau great to see you here Rick! It’s been a long time since the Feedburner days!

I might have been one of the few that actually liked Google+.

@rklau Would you mind commenting on the logistics/downsides of Apple’s push to digitize state IDs and relocate them into phone wallets? Am I being shortsighted in wondering why all US states aren’t jumping on this?

@paulcristo I don’t think you’re being shortsighted at all. I really like what Apple is doing on iOS with mobile drivers licenses; feels like a resident-focused / user-friendly extension of the state ID

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