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(Re-posting an after moving instances.) Most recently, I was California’s Chief Technology Innovation Officer, where I led the Office of Digital Services.

Before that, I spent 13+ years at Google (first in BD, then a PM on Blogger, Google+, and YouTube, then at Google Ventures). I'm currently working on what's next, probably at the intersection of tech and government.

Particularly interested in and , and am loving learning about and the .

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The covid vaccine record on my phone, via California’s SMART health card system, is magical. I wish more government records worked this way.

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If you are looking to flush out your Twitter account, is the way to go.

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To share this again after moving servers: I've set up a little online directory of #govtech #civictech users across the Fediverse.

We currently have ~70 people listed from across 7 countries.

Take a look (and, if you like, add yourself) at

Finally got around to finishing season 13 of Doctor Who.

It was … not good. Oof.

(I also like that explicitly links to a way to provide financial support for the ongoing maintenance of the site.)

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Looks like the instance I’m currently on ( won’t be updating to Mastodon 4.x anytime soon (judging on the many-versions-old build and the fact that the site admin hasn’t posted here in over a year).

Anyone have an instance they love? I’m inclined to set up shop on - I like the idea of a local instance that’s, well, local.

gun violence 

Heart-breaking, beautiful tribute by Chaz Ebert's (Roger Ebert's widow) to her grandson, another victim of gun violence:

"Like so many stories we hear about gun victims in their prime, Joseph was soaring."

Sometimes you just have to admire art

(How did this make it past Gmail’s spam filter??)

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The Auschwitz museum only has 19K followers on #Mastodon. If you are part of the #mastodonmigration can you please give them a follow? Their username is @auschwitzmuseum
#histodon #Auschwitz #WorldWar2
Let's remember them

Mass shootings, gun violence 

Last week, it was worrying that my niece at was OK. (She was: spent 12h in lockdown while the manhunt for the shooter was underway.)

This morning, it’s grieving for the lives lost in , where my son is a student.

There are an estimated 393M privately-owned guns in America. There are literally more guns than people here.

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I do not intend to share a platform with Donald Trump again—at least not more than I have to. I will not exit Twitter entirely, as I have Lawfare content to promote and Twitter is useful for many things. That said, I don’t plan to spend time here any more for purposes other

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We're new here. Please keep away from the scaffolding while we paint and remodel. 😎

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#Introduction 🌉

We’re The San Francisco Chronicle, a daily news publication bringing you the best stories in the #SFBA — and beyond ✨

Follow us for #news and stories about #food, #climate, #data, #cawx, #tech, #politics and more.

Update on this: as several folks have pointed out, the .com URL 301s to the .org URL. Twitter’s not blocking the .org URL directly, just the redirect. Mea culpa.

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