Now instantly suspicious of any essays whose final paragraph begins with “Overall, …”.

Everyone’s asking ChatGPT coding questions but it does really well with creative writing prompts too!

Apple’s Help documentation itself had to change to accomodate the new garbage user interface for the System Settings app in Ventura. Scrolling layouts are fine for phone but terrible for desktops.

Elon was rich enough to buy McDonald’s. Soon he won’t even have enough money to buy McDonald’s.

I honestly do not know how I can make this line less ambiguous, Swift.

Wikipedia has an article on Impossible Colors, which are nonexistent colors that have some awesome names (such as Stygian Blue or Hyperbolic Orange). There’s a couple of techniques you can do to force your brain to see these nonexistent colors too.

Regardless, these impossible colors have serious band name potential.

So do widgets just not work anymore in Ventura? Or just me?

Wasting water is bad folks but lowkey that broken niagra falls faucet in the men’s room is sooooo nice

Then: butt-dialing

Now: butt-sharing a Fuller House promotional image to a random coworker with a bunch of gibberish??

(this is an actual screenshot that actually happened)

I’m willing to go back to having all these companies abuse my personal info just so I don’t have to click another “we use cookies” warning.

People running their asses off to catch trains in Paris like dude this ain’t San Francisco you won’t have to wait 45 minutes

Let me know when they invent something called “exersleeping.”

Laws of humor, ranked.

1. Humor
2. Is Too
4. Complex
5. To Be
7. Broken Down
8. Into
9. Laws
10. the law of discongruity

How much would it cost to get a network of pneumatic tubes installed in the office?

OAK✈️CDG🚆FRA✈️JFK✈️SJC is booked!

Finally redeeming my Singapore miles on their Suites offering.

My entire life is waiting for my desire to eat to outweigh my desire to be in bed, and vice versa.

A game show where you get an all-you-can-eat pass at any place of your choosing, with the caveat that you have to put that place out of business.

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