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I don't think it's radical to say that you should not have to declare bankruptcy or lose your house because you got cancer.

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Trying to imagine the personalities of all the richass pro golfers that could do anything with whomever they wanted and instead choose to spend their time playing with a bunch of greasy racist walruses that cheat, like the president and his friends.

I originally heard it as "Theydies and Gentlethems" and I have no idea where this was but it stuck with me.

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Don't envy the tree because the tree is made of darkness. You will be composed of darkness, too, in a while.

bad news, jokes are cancelled because shitposting is innately fascist

Centrist culture is performatively thanking Amazon for graciously raising the floor for their wages rather than the countless people and organizations who applied the pressure necessary to get them to do so

My work is going through this kick where they want me to lick their boots and be a good employee and stop using the printer to post information about unions and also pictures of guillotines.

I rant about smartphone volume control because it's impossible to use a smartphone next to a sleeping person without accidentally waking them up, due to all the arcane minutiae of what sounds can and can't be played depending on their source and who made the app and if there's a silent switch and if there's headphones and if and if and if and jdidjdndnxicu im just frustrated cuz I woke up my gf okay ;P

Theres three kinds of people in the world; incel, volcel, and Duracell™

Gotta get this off my chest. America doesn't need a pony. It will bust down its stall in a storm, and you will go running off into the night and end up a tragic spirit haunting your grieving dad. Is this really the America we want, to be an EVIL HOOT OWL FOR SIX DAYS IN A ROW?

(The preceding was a public service message brought to you by Clinton Acres Pony Sematary.)

It's spelled C-A-T-S-U-P, people. There's no K. No E. No nasty H to catch on the back of your throat.

Here is where I make my stand, and all the forces of hegemonic capital won't dislodge me.

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