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Looking forward to talking to the LaunchCode folks today (Fri Apr 20) about what they do: vuc.me


I can't decide which of the 6 Mastodon instances I want to stay on!

Emil Ivov is this Friday's visionary at vuc.me

Today we welcome Abbi Minessale (daughter of a famous guy) who created FreeSWITCH in 2007, the same year our podcast started. Abbi is a talented actor as well as being involved in the social end of FreeSWITCH. live.vuc.me at 5 pm UTC


Whats new with you? Here's a short excert from the funk groove in 4/4 time "King Solomon's Mines" mastodon.cloud/media/Kv4LY8xnO

NEXT FRIDAY on VUC, Internet pioneer Paul Vixie talks:

Abstract: "Fail fast and fail early, are the lessons of growth. Yet when it comes to Internet protocols we are advised to <<be conservative in what you generate, and liberal in what you accept>>. How can we reconcile these? By incinerating one, that's how. Examples will include thickwire ethernet and IP fragmentation."

In about 90 minutes, cURL author Daniel Stenberg talks about his Vision. live.vuc.me for live video. Grab a free copy of his curl book or read the HTML version at vuc.me/curl - join us on IRC anytime on Freenode.net in #vuc

This Friday, Sopranica:

"Sopranica is a surveillance-free cellular network built by volunteers from around the world. Itโ€™s easy to use and free to set up."

Interview with Denver Gingerich in Motherboard: goo.gl/9uwhkb

Simon Monk has a bunch of kits we mentioned on sale at AMazon USA, UK and Canada: amzn.to/2CNyqCo

Wednesday at 11AM EST (10 CST, 9 MST, 8 AM PST, 4PM UK) I will be doing a video with a friend in Canada. We'll be talking about the effects of all these devices on humans. Things like phones, watches, IoT, lightbulbs, smart tv...
Join us : youtube.com/watch?v=PIunDMsc9y

Last week I spoke at length with Dr. Nafeez Ahmed, author and investigative journalist at Insurge Intelligence. Audio will be posted in January, but video is here :vuc.me/2017/meet-dr-nafeez-ahm masto.vuc.me/media/51ncVxerfyL

Based on my plans for "Visions Under Construction", I started a new Mastodon instance at masto.vuc.me If you read this Medium post and want to follow the adventure, followvuc@masto.vuc.me to keep current.

medium.com/@randulo/visions-un mastodon.social/media/9ihvnOI5

Chat live with @Gargron! Your hopes and fears, your desires. Oh, and we can talk a little about Mastodon, too. Please spread the word because you will see and hear him live, should you wish, otherwise, video and audio versions will be archived and public.

Join us Friday at 12 Noon EDT (9 AM Pacific, 16:00 UTC, 5 PM BST, 6 PM CEDT (Paris/Berlin), etc.

Follow @vucfridays for the session next Friday on Mastodon

Friday September 1st, our weekly IP Communications Conference will have as guest Eugen Rochko, aka @Gargron to talk about nothing but Mastodon! This week I will be "spamming" the instances I am on with the announcement because we want you to talk to us on IRC, on Mastodon or on your phone. Developers can join the live video panel, too. Stay tuned for the links on how to join the session.

Please make note that the Mastodon creator @Gargron will be talking to us on September 1st at 12 Noon EDT (6PM Paris/Berlin) in an informal chat. You can ask questions here or on IRC. It's a month away, but I thought I'd mention it now.

Dr. Paul Gardner-Stephen is working on The Serval Project, a way to use cellphone to communicate where there are no towers. The Android app uses wifi to do voice calls, send texts and share files. Join us to hear more: live.vuc.me at 4PM UTC (12 Noon EDT, 6PM Paris/Berlin) mastodon.cloud/media/5EKItLFRy

The Snopes Fund Me sure took off. The need for their service is at a peak. Unfortunately, it's a very ugly lawsuit regarding who owns what and who is to manage it. The crowd has funded them for 5 months operation costs.