Saw posts in birdland that there is some sort of security concern with Mastadon. Anyone have a link with the current issues people are worried about?

Instagram: My life is a party.

Snapchat: My life is a quirky TV show.

Facebook: My life turned out great!

Twitter: We're all going to die.

Mastodon: Don't worry, while we are on a quirky, meandering path towards an inevitable apocalypse, we might as well enjoy the ride and show eachother some love in an unorthodox, yet irresistible manner, not in any way hindered by considerations of style, identity or consistency.

Got at a bday party 1 hour late. Thought it was late enough. Forgot I'm in Brazil.

If the instance you're using doesn't support HTTPS, there's a big chance that iOS / Android apps won't work at all or only partially.

The reason for that is, that the App Store for example only allows API calls to HTTPS servers.

So, Wire ( has started opening its server-side code:

They had already released a subset of the client code (same location as above) and have committed to releasing both client & server source code in full.

A review of Wire's security by @veorq and @marver can be found here:

I think because of the 140 char limit, people are incapable of listening to each other now. We're traumatized by it.

You expect that the thing you're reading isn't saying anything, so you don't read it carefully, or you project the extra context yourself and assume the person is implying things you don't like out of a need for self preservation. It'll be alright.

You're safe now. You actually argue productively here. The art of finding common ground is back.

Is "civilized" a nation that elected Trump?

CWs aren't "censorship" or putting your toots behind some kinda wall, they're basically equivalent to lowering your voice so only the intended people can hear you in this crowded bar, as you talk about stuff that's potentially upsetting, TMI, or whatever.

People don't want CWs on "politics" (which really means "the news") because they're oversensitive and afraid of seeing the news, they read they news, they just don't want it to be a 24-hour punditry vortex in here.

What stream are you looking at most?

About attemps to add encryption to the timeline 

I also dislike efforts to put encrypted posts in the timeline via CW/the 500 chars. It's a hack, at best. This should be implemented directly in the protocol, not developed like this.
Caveat: I find it very honourable for one to try that. Privacy is a huge goal, everywhere, but it should be done right.

If Keybase supported Mastodon, it'd be a great way to chat privately with other users!

BTW: TOOT in Hebrew means Strawberry 🍓 & in plural form it's TOOTIM 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓 You're welcome!

You can prove your identity on Mastodon with the KBFS, like so, if you care to:


Wire opensourced their server code:
Finally, I can suggest Wire as a so-so secure alternative to Signal.

Oh god the Mashable headline is quite something

2017: bingus.planet, gay.water.source

As protest to the threat of imposing english as mastodon language I will continue tooting in my own artificial language.

Well, as soon as I also have a vocabulary and not only a syntax.

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