12.5 years and 98 comments later, people are still finding my "Chancel Repair Liability is Fun" post - radiac.net/personal/diary/2010

Now your only risk is that if the house you want hasn't been sold in 10 years, and it's built on land which a church owned back in 1536, and the church realises in the time between your conveyancer doing searches and the sale being registered with the land registry.

Extremely unlikely, but if it did happen, your new house would essentially be worthless.

What a law.

The petition to remove #LGBT content from the uk curriculum now has 190,671 signatures, sigh. It only needed 100k to force a debate in parliament, so that will be scheduled by #Uk Gov.

The counter petition is rapidly gaining ground, being newer. It now has 33,030 signatures, but we need more!

Pls sign if uk, boost otherwise! 👇

Link to official petition to UK Gov & Parliament: Do not remove LGBT content from the Relationships Education curriculum

#LGBTQ #TransRights

Python HTML Sanitizer library Bleach reaches version 6.0 and **end of life**. Why? The underlying html parser library (html5lib) is no longer maintained.


The #django 4.2 release notes have this quite understated line:

> Registering lookups on Field instances is now supported.

I'm somewhat excited about this. It means all kinds of domain-aware lovely:


It's gonna be 😘👌


Google likes to claim it loves the web. Google fucking broke the web.

Cookie notices on every fucking website? They need those because they use Google Analytics or Google Ads.

Recipe sites that go on for fucking days? That’s because Google penalises websites when you leave too quickly, and they can’t show as many ads.

Obviously-bullshit machine-generated “content” designed to entice you to click ads? That’s because Google Search is a monopoly.

I’m so tired of Google.

Somewhat unintuitively, the more experience you get as a developer the more you have to lean into documentation and search

Earlier in your career you're more likely to specialize in just a small number of projects built with a tight collection of tools
and languages - making it relatively easy to keep everything in your head

As you gain competence the scope of projects you can take on expands way beyond what's possible if you're not constantly looking things up!

Sick of people calling everything in crypto a Ponzi scheme. Some crypto projects are Pump-and-Dump schemes, while others are Pyramid schemes. Others are just middlemen skimming off the top. Others are just standard-issue fraud.

Stop glossing over the diversity in the industry.

How to have a "beach body":

1) You're already 70% water, which is a good start

2) Replace the other 30% with sand

Doing a bit of coding using ChatGPT. It is fairly impressive. But for all those thinking they can replace developers with ChatGPT and just copy-paste all the code, that's all we've been doing for years anyway just with StackOverflow instead, thanks for the easy money suckers!

Using #vim is easy once you learn a few basic keybindings.

h and l - move left and right
j and k - move down and up
η and λ - move backwards and forwards through time
ξ and κ - translation through additional temporal dimension (if applicable)
ᚻ, ᛄ, ᚳ and ᛚ - moving left, down, up, and right through celestial spheres
𐤄 and 𐤋 - switch deity to pantheon member to left or right
ᛄ - supplicate to chosen deity
ᚳ - challenge chosen deity (dangerous)
:q - exit


There are only two hard problems in distributed systems:

2. Exactly-once delivery
1. Guaranteed order of message delivery
2. Exactly-once delivery

I do not like that site of birds
I do not like its awful words
I do not like what it became
I do not like its cult of shame
I do not like intrusive ads
I do not like the vapid fads
I do not like the clout it’s given
I do not like its algorithm
But I shall miss that weird bird town
I do not like it burning down

Did you know that by replacing your potato chips with broccoli as a snack you can lose up to 50% of what little joy you still have in your life?

Follow me for more health tips.

Snowed in and a busy afternoon is now clear. Suggested we watch a family christmas film, but having a disagreement with Leela and need your help.

How old do you need to be to watch Die Hard?

I've not kept up with my projects posts for a while. These days my free time is between everyone else going to bed and me falling asleep in my chair, and after a productive Nov (4 releases!) I'm now rarely even making it to the chair.

I keep asking people with older children when it gets better, and they just laugh nervously.

I started writing this 6 hours ago.

Hitachi HDD: Z7K320-250 / 250GB / SATA 3.0Gb/s.
Data erasure method: 50lb Longbow, two arrows at 15 yards.

Did you know you can tell the age of a fake Christmas tree by counting the rings of tape?

The new Psycopg v3 backend for Django 4.2 is quite ready ✨

It would be very useful if you could test it in your own project to find any errors and measure variations in performance 📈

You can already find some tests in the PR ⚗️

#Django #Psycopg #PostgreSQL #Async #ORM #Database #Python #Postgres


My sites are down for the first time in ages because rapidswitch put my server up from £20/mo to £75/mo this year, so I decided to move.

I figured I'll have plenty of time to sort out a new server after cancelling, but forgot that with a day job and children the only spare time I get is if I stay up late.

Last night was fairly representative of how productive that is - I spent two hours trying to copy and paste the command to run ansible. Eventually managed it, but have no idea what happened.

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