Many figures in the community reject past teachings as "over-engineering".

Reading Fowler's "Patterns of enterprise architecture", we see the "pattern" many people have rediscovered for structuring HTTP APIs over the years. Do yourself a favour and do some studying.

I covered this in detail in LGWT here

When I started writing Go many years ago, I applied this same pattern from day 1, not because of some genius, but because these patterns are already proven and work.

Go is not *that* special or different

@quii yeah, the Go community’s outage at any form of abstract computer science knowledge was the last drop in the bucket for me. After 4 years, I went back to Java where I’m no longer judged for writing code that has reasoning behind, and makes sense of decades of knowledge.

@preslavrachev Don't get me wrong, I really like Go, and yes there are noisy nay-sayers but I wouldn't let that stop you doing what you feel is right. Modern Java looks nice though, not too far from Kotlin from what I can tell.

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