On a basic level, I agree, but on the other hand, there are an awful lot of expert beginners out there who go "abstraction bad", but never studied design adequately anyway.

Now they think they're writing "simple" code, but actually, it's a differently shaped ball of mud.

If returning to the same style of code you wrote when you first learned programming is in your view, a good thing. How much growth have you really had?

@quii Complexity by composition (moving complexity from the boxes to the arrows) is a difficult thing to wrap your head around if you've not seen it before.

@quii I think maybe we've gradually lost the skill visualising code in terms of relationships. We threw that baby out with the Waterfall bathwater. Ironically, most "Agile" teams are still essentially Waterfall, but now they don't do much architecture visualisation either 😠

@mkarliner Rich Hickey explains it best in simple made easy

Too many engineers don't understand the difference between simple and easy.

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