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💭 To TDD or not to TDD… That is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous test coverage, or to take arms against a sea of bugs…

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I'm a big fan of this kind of tools, making it easy to write test cases.

> Hurl is a command line tool that runs HTTP requests defined in a simple plain text format.


In a similar vein, there are the age test suite c2sp.org/CCTV/age and the testscript package for CLIs encore.dev/blog/testscript-hid.

One of the most interesting things about teaching TDD is that I end up also teaching what many of us would consider programming basics, e.g., if your code doesn't compile or is unexpectedly failing tests, stop adding more code to it.

This seemingly obvious idea is something that many developers do not practice, struggling with its consequences on a daily basis.

Perhaps we need to spend more time helping people these 'invisible' practices and less on shiny tools, frameworks, etc.

I guess this can be my first useful post. I will be speaking on GoTime in 30 minutes about TDD! youtube.com/watch?v=sqm02imjJ4

The heroes in teams aren't the ones pulling all-nighters, gambling big and saving everyone at the last minute.
They're the ones who put in the work every day to stop those situations arising in the first place.

So, for those of you who have just moved over from Twitter, I've been learning that a "favorite" over here is just a pat on the head to the author. It's not like Twitter which moves liked tweets onto other people's timelines & gives them reach. Boosting, however, does some real good in that it improves the reach of the tweet. If you think others may be interested in something you read, boost it! There is no dreaded algorithm, so the only way to improve reach is a boost.

A thunderstorm as seen from Space ..A towering thunderstorm lights up the night skies over Panama, as seen at 37,000 feet..Photo by Santiago Borja.


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