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Good morning mastoverse, coming to you from MAN airport on my way to in LAS, via ATL. I've tweeted this too but sharing a pic here as well. Now thinking about it, that's not always a bonus for you, right? :-)

Let me try again, this time, with the right word. Just a quick TOOT from the toot CLI.

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Command line and curses Mastodon client! Now we're talking. And macOS/Brew users can just "brew install toot".

Nerd out.

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Sharing another new note-to-self post on jq this morning. Would love to hear from anyone else who is using / learning jq

Extracting blog post dates from URLs with jq

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Those choosing to use title case in headings and subheadings deserve all the disdain that comes their way.

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Did you know that when you put .rss behind your Mastodon profile URL, you get an RSS feed? 😎

OK, time to research and record the news items allocated to me, in time for tomorrow's SAP Developer News episode 📰 🔎

A quick experiment - here's a draft of a new blog post (on JSON Schema and modularisation) - sharing the link here now but not yet on Twitter. Perhaps some of you have feedback, perhaps not. Anyway, here goes:

"Some notes on modular JSON Schema definitions"

In wanting to bring more content over here, I thought I might as well share a recent post on slides

It seems as though this struck a chord with lots of folks. What are your thoughts?

Not sure about cross posting yet but trying it out for size. Part 3 of my Untappd data explorations with jq, discovering my top ranking beer types, is out.

"More Untappd data explorations with jq - my top ranking beer types (part 3)"

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