This morning's live stream is available for replay, complete with chapter titles for your ⏩ pleasure. Share & enjoy!

For all those of you who, like me, love fonts and their uniform beauty, I am sharing this with you, just to mess up your morning. Happy Wednesday! :-)

Pondering an early example of "lo-code" in Brian Kernighan's talk on "The early days of UNIX at Bell Labs"

Just left Manchester Piccadilly on my way to in Birmingham, see you there?

Am I doing this "editing in SAP Business Application Studio" right?

Rewatching a episode and I'd asked "shall I do the next thing in the GUI or via the API?". The answers in the chat made me smile. My work here is done :-)

On my way home from a super , so proud to have been able to share the stage with my awesome Developer Advocate team mates. Here's a quick pic of a few of us earlier this week

Good morning mastoverse, coming to you from MAN airport on my way to in LAS, via ATL. I've tweeted this too but sharing a pic here as well. Now thinking about it, that's not always a bonus for you, right? :-)

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