is back! This Friday we're taking a first look at the BTP Service Metadata project, announced at last week. Join us for friendly chat and curiosity driven learning-by-doing! πŸš€

πŸ“† Fri 25 Nov
⏰ 0800 GMT (UTC+0)

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@qmacro Do you have a session ID for me? I would watch the review session beforehand, if available?

@posthac great point! Check out this overview here πŸ‘‰ (and I've also added this link to the live stream YT video description). Thanks!

@posthac @qmacro you might want to have a look into my blog post that I’ve published last week to get a glimpse around the topic

@ruinogueira @posthac Good idea Rui. I've added that blog post link to the YT video description and the Community item

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